Fortnite Fans Call For Nerf of Pay-To-Win Skin

fortnite superhero skin nerf

Epic Games

You might remember feeling a lot of excitement when Epic Games introduced the superhero skins into the game to coincide with the ongoing superhero Fortnite season.

Update: Epic responds to controversy.

This skin gave players the chance to create their own hero to stand apart from their Marvel and DC counterparts, but many players out there had different ideas. Instead of putting on a bright and colorful skin, many have opted to instead make it all black.

You’ll see a lot of Fortnite pros who follow a similar thought process as making your skin entirely one color will make it harder for you to be spotted.

This can definitely become an issue if you’re on console and have no option to turn off shadows. Players can hide in the darkness and get the jump on you without you ever having a chance.

Here’s the Problem

Shadows On/Off With The Superhero Skins. Do They Need A Nerf? from FortNiteBR

Reddit user FkLemons showcased how powerful this can be in a video, and it’s likely that you’ve run into something like this too.

Epic claims there are no pay-to-win cosmetics, and while this skin isn’t always considered overpowered, it does come dangerously close when you make it a solid color like this.

We’ve seen meme strategies that are jokingly called “pay-to-win,” but those are so situational that we can’t fault Epic for not doing anything about. The all-black superhero skin has become so widespread that something seems like it should be done.

There is Precedent

The Toy Soldier set allowed players to hide in plain sight when it was first revealed, so eventually it led to a nerf that stopped players from doing that.

There was a little while where it was pretty much a staple of the meta, much like the superhero skin is becoming.

Obviously, you can be successful without using it, but if you can gain an advantage just by wearing a certain skin, why not do it?

There’s currently no indication that Epic will nerf this, but if there’s enough backlash, it could happen.

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