Several Fortnite Mythic Items Nerfed Following v14.50

fortnite mythic items nerf

Epic Games

The Fortnite Mythic items have been some of the most powerful weapons in Season 4, and now it’s looking like Epic Games decided to give them a look in this new update and they have actually gotten a bit of a nerf.

Following v14.50, the Iron Man Repulsors, Wolverine Claws, and Thor’s Hammer have all been nerfed. Now, that’s not to say they are completely useless, but they will be less effective than they were before the update arrived.

Let’s take a look and see what changed with them and decide if they are still worth picking up and using. Spoiler alert: they are, but we’ll check it out anyways.

Lots of Nerfs Have Arrived

For starters, it appears the Iron Man gauntlets will now have a harder time tracking enemies, which makes this a nice nerf to come in after Fortnitemares wrapped up.

This repulsors were an excellent way to track and take out Shadows, but now that those are gone we can get behind a nerf.

You’ll notice the Thor hammer is back in the loot pool after seemingly disappearing for a bit, but its Sky Strike damage has been nerfed from 80 to 60, so it’s not nearly as strong. The hammer is still a strong Mythic, so it’s worth keeping, but know it’ll take a little more to eliminate somebody now.

Finally, the Wolverine Spin Slash damage has been nerfed from 65 to 45 and 25 to 10 for its major and minor attack respectively. Thanks to Mang0e for the information regarding these nerfs.

How Long Will They Be Here?

The Mythic weapons will more than likely be here until the end of the season at least, and there are probably going to be even more of them introduced into the loot pool.

There’s a chance that Ghost Rider could get an item when he comes into the game, but we don’t really know if the other Marvel characters will be getting their own Mythics.

We definitely have enough of these weapons in the game, but we do know Epic loves to experiment.

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