How to Get Fortnite Venom Skin For Free

fortnite venom skin

Epic Games

In what has been considered one of the worst kept secrets of Fortnite Season 4, Epic Games is finally gearing up to release Venom into the game.

Like Daredevil, Ghost Rider and Black Widow before him, Venom will be first available in a Marvel Knockout tournament. In case you’re out of the loop, these special tournaments will give you a chance to earn the skin bundle for free before it hits the Item Shop.

If you’re not someone who’s going to get a high placement in the tournament, the skin will also arrive in the shop a few days after that concludes, so everybody who wants to get Venom will have the chance to do so.

How to Get the Venom Skin For Free

It hasn’t been announced quite yet, but there will be a special Marvel Knockout tournament that will be a lot like the previous three.

Depending on whether or not the tournament will feature a Duos or Trios format, there’s a lot that can change, but the basic idea remains: high placement equals free bundle.

This will be the final Marvel Knockout tournament of the season that features a skin like this, unless Epic surprises us, so it seems like those of you out there hoping for a potential Black Panther skin are seemingly out of luck.

What to Expect With the Tournament

Again, it hasn’t been officially announced, but we’re going to assume this tournament will feature the same rules as the Black Widow Cup, which means it’ll be a Duos-only event.

Here’s what placement you’ll have to hit if that format holds true.

  • Europe – Top 1,200
  • NA East – Top 750
  • NA West – Top 300
  • Brazil – Top 300
  • Asia – Top 150
  • Oceania – Top 150
  • Middle East – Top 150

Obviously, that means a lot of people will be out of luck when it comes to unlock this skin.

Fortunately, the skin will be in the Item Shop, perhaps as early as this weekend! Keep in mind that we are going off speculation from how things worked before, so be on the lookout for an official announcement later this week.

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