Fortnite Venom Smash and Grab Mythic is Insanely Powerful

fortnite venom smash and grab ability

Epic Games

With the latest Fortnite update, the Venom Smash and Grab Mythic ability made the jump from the Marvel Knockout LTM to the regular lobbies, and players are quickly discovering just how powerful it can be.

This item was already in the game and players were able to get a glimpse at how good it was in the LTM, but it’s another thing entirely when you mix the Smash and Grab ability with the regular loot pool, the results are devastating.

It’s no secret that Mythic items are far and away the strongest things in Fortnite Season 4, but Venom’s might actually be the strongest of them all.

What Makes Venom’s So Good?

Venom’s ability can shoot up to 30 meters away and not only does it dish out damage, but it’ll also yank your enemy towards you for a clean follow up with a shotgun.

It can go through multiple walls, making it so your opponent can’t even feel safe in a box. In many ways, this Mythic is a lot like Iron Man’s Unibeam, except it attacks a lot fast and you won’t be left vulnerable while using it.

What helps this Mythic set itself apart from the Unibeam even more is that you don’t even have to take out Iron Man to get it. Instead, you’ll have to just land at the Quinjets and destroy the floating drones. Now, there’s not a guaranteed drop of the Venom Mythic like the Iron Man one has, so that is one drawback.

New Meta?

Mythics have always been part of the meta for Season 4, so it’s not really an earth-shattering discovery that Venom’s is good.

What is interesting is that this could very well end up being the best Mythic we’ve seen in the game yet due to how many builds it can shoot through and the fact it can counter pretty much any situation.

These Mythics will more than likely be leaving at the end of Season 4, so if you want to mess around with them while they’re still here, you have least until the end of the month to do so.

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