Strange Fortnite Bug Destroys Planes in Weeping Woods

fortnite weeping woods plane bug

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It looks like planes will be back at least for the duration of the Fortnite Operation Snowdown event, but we don’t know if they’ll be sticking around for much longer after that.

Before we even worry about what’s next for the Stormwings, we should instead warn players about this mysterious bug that will seemingly destroy a plane just by entering it.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen insta-death spots like this, but usually, it’d also result in the elimination of the player with it, but it looks like it’s only applying to vehicles in this scenario.

Beware of Weeping Woods

For a closer look at what we mean, check out this video clip by Reddit user thesteve3.

This might just be a one-off scenario, but there players in the comments of the clip saying the same thing happened to them.

Strangely, it looks like the same thing could even happen to cars, so something fishy appears to be going on here that we can’t see. In the case of the car, it exploded and caused the players to be eliminated, but that’s likely because the plane ejects you when it’s going down.

Should You Be Worried?

Well, after seeing this clip and the testimonies of other players, you might want to think twice before you dive into Weeping Woods with a plane or other vehicle.

Some players are suggesting that Polar Peak could actually be there, but invisible. That’s actually an interesting theory because Weeping Woods in Chapter 2 is where Polar Peak once was, and the last time planes were in the game, this location was here.

Perhaps there’s something in the coding of the planes that makes them think a solid object is still there, even if there isn’t. We’ll leave that up to the Fortnite conspiracy theorists out there to find out, but it does seem like this one could possibly hold some weight.

If this problem continues to persist, we expect to see Epic step in and deliver a fix.

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