Final 3 Fortnite Cards Revealed For Fortnitemares

fortnitemares cards last week

Epic Games

It’s another week in October, which means Fortnite flipped over its final three cards for Fortnitemares.

These cards have been getting revealed all month long and they have brought some really cool styles into the game so far. These include Rick Grimes, The Mummy, Frankenstein’s Monster, and there’s been a hint that Shadow Midas could be coming.

As it turns out, it looks like those of you who are waiting on the debut of Shadow Midas into the Item Shop won’t have that much longer to wait.

This final week of cards gives us just three selections to pick from, but things do seem to be shaping up to an explosive conclusion.

Shadow Midas

fortnitemares cards final week

Epic Games3 cards to go.

The center card appears to be the Shadow Midas card we’ve been waiting for ever since Fortnitemares began, which means we can now focus on the other two cards.

Well, you remember that we got Frankenstein’s Monster in the first week, and it looks like he might decide he needs his wife too.

The card on right could very well be a tease for the Bride of Frankenstein since those machines shown there were used to create his bride.

It’s tough to tell if that’s the case for certain, but it’s definitely a good guess and something that could happened consider a crossover with two Universal Monsters has already happened.

As for what the first card could be, that’s anybody’s guess. As of right now, nobody has come forward with any sort of prominent theory that can hold any water. On the bright side, the card will be flipped over some time in the next few days, so it’s not like there will be a long wait for us to get our hands on it.

These Fortnitemares skins have been really cool this month and have a chance of going down as among the best Fortnite has ever created. What’s more interesting is not everything was a collaboration, but Epic was able to cook up some original skins with a mixture of brands.

Time For Cube Queen

fortnite apex legends warzone feature

Epic Games

This latest update gives everyone the chance at unlocking the Cube Queen, at least those of you out there who own the Battle Pass.

The queen was the hidden Battle Pass skin this season, but she was definitely one of the worst kept secrets because it feels like we’ve known about her for a while.

While Fortnitemares may be coming to a close, we have a few new POIs to play around in, so this might go down as the best Halloween event in Fortnite to date. A big complaint about the game in recent seasons was the lack of new areas to explore, and this event alone gave us two new areas, so we have to be thankful for that.

The Catty Corner vault door is opened up and Doctor Slone is now revealed and ripe for the picking. Eliminating her will give you a Mythic Assault Rifle, so that will get you off to a nice start if you wanted.

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