How to Get Several Free Naruto Cosmetics in Fortnite

fortnite naruto cosmetics free

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The Fortnite and Naruto crossover has finally arrived and it has not disappointed fans of the anime.

This has been something that’s been in the works for a while now and there are ways to get even more cosmetics on top of the ones that are in the shop. If you’re trying to save up your V-Bucks, but still want to participate in all of the Naruto action, then here’s how you can do that.

Each day, through the Nindo Challenges, there will be a different objective for you to complete and if you get it done, then you’ll be able to get some cosmetics.

The first challenge is already available, and here’s how you can get signed up to start earning the cosmetics.

How to Complete The Nindo Challenges

fortnite naruto

Epic Games / Viz Media

To get signed up for The Nindo Challenges, you’ll need to head to this website, sign in with your Epic Games account, and then start playing Fortnite.

The challenges themselves seem to be quite simple if the first day is anything to go by. At the time of this writing, you have around 14 hours to get a single elimination, which is something that’s definitely possible even if you’re the worst Fortnite player in the world.

Doing this will get you the Happy Naruto Emoticon, so it’s pretty easy to snag. Here’s the full list of rewards:

  • Day 1: Happy Naruto Emoticon
  • Day 2: Sad Sakura Emoticon
  • Day 3: Angry Sasuke Emoticon
  • Day 4: Shocked Kakashi Emoticon

If you complete a daily milestone, you’ll be able to get the Kurama Glider and the Shinobi Teamwork Loading Screen. This will be a little bit more difficult as the first day’s milestone is 35 eliminations, something that still isn’t impossible, but will take a bit more work.

Keep in mind that this Glider and Loading Screen are currently bundled in the Item Shop, so don’t buy those if you plan on getting them for free. That’s a good chunk of V-Bucks that can be saved for later.

We don’t know what Day 5’s challenge consists of, but if you earn at least two points on that day, you’ll unlock every one of the emoticons that you might’ve missed.

How Long Do You Have?

fortnite v18.40 patch notes

Epic Games / Masashi Kishimoto / Shippuden

The first challenge is well underway, so your time is running out quite fast. Once Day 1 concludes, the next day will immediately begin, and once Day 5 finishes, these challenges are gone for good.

This means that you’ll want to get to work as soon as you can, or at least just log in on the last day and try to earn two points. The challenge hasn’t been revealed as of yet but we can’t imagine it’ll be too hard to complete since the only thing that’s up for grabs here is an emoticon.

With a crossover like this, we imagine that Epic wants to make everything accessible to everyone who wants in on the action. That’s probably why most of the stuff simply went into the Item Shop, but it’s nice to see some freebies available as well.

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