Upcoming Fortnite Season 7 Weapon Revealed by Leakers

fortnite gravity gun

Epic Games

There have been a lot of new additions to the Fortnite Season 7 weapon pool, and if you include the guns you can get with the Nuts and Bolts, then there are even more to collect.

However, there are still a few more than haven’t released into the game, including the Gravity Gun. This weapon was first seen in the Season 7 Battle Pass trailer being used by Rick Sanchez, but it hasn’t released in Fortnite yet.

Epic hasn’t confirmed if they would indeed give us the Gravity Gun, but it looks like we won’t even need confirmation from them as the leakers have given us the lowdown on its stats when it does come to the game.

Here’s what to expect with the upcoming Gravity Gun.

Gravity Gun Stats Leak

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In the Season 7 Battle Pass trailer, you can see Rick using the gun in question as he picks up a taxi cab with it and launches it.

It’s expected that this gun will work a lot like Half-Life’s Gravity Gun where it can pick up objects and hurl them at other players, all while doing no damage on its own.

Thanks to Fortnite leaker FireMonkey, we have the full list of stats for this gun, but there’s really not a lot to learn here.

It can hold 120 ammo, but since it doesn’t do any damage other than throwing objects at players, there’s nothing else to know.

We do know the gun won’t be able to grab other players, objects that are deemed to be too big or things that are already being grabbed by someone else.

Since this gun has a Legendary rarity, we also shouldn’t expect to see too many of them in the game when it does release. Perhaps the best way of getting them will be to head into the mothership and grab the loot from all of those chests.

When Does it Come Out?

fortnite rail gun overpowered

Epic Games

Presumably, this gun will come out whenever Fortnite v17.20 rolls around, which can either be July 6 or the next week.

So far, there’s nothing to indicate we’ll be getting an update this week, which is a bummer because it looks like Cosmic Summer is coming to an end and there’s nothing there to replace it.

However, the future may not be too dim because there’s a mural in Chicago that could be hinting at another big Fortnite event. Details are a bit hazy on this one because Epic hasn’t said anything about this at all, but we know they like to advertise things about Fortnite in the real world from time to time.

On the other hand, if this Gravity Gun information is coming straight from the files, there’s a possibility it could just be added without the need for an update, which would just mean Epic could add it whenever they want.

Things like that have happened in the past, so we’ll have to see if it can happen again whenever Epic decides to add the Gravity Gun into the mix. With the amount of wacky stuff in this season, we have a feeling this weapon will fit right in.

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