Fortnite China Has Extremely Rare Item Shop Cosmetics

fortnite chinese item shop

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It might not be new information for many players, but Fortnite isn’t the same exact same in China as it is around the world.

One of the big changes is the Fortnitemares skins where skulls were replaced on the characters, but for the most part, Fortnite is the same as you’d expect it to be.

However, the Item Shop seems like it’s ready to rotate some extremely rare items back in for the Lunar New Year. Surprisingly, there currently isn’t any indication that this is being celebrated anywhere else, which means that China is about to get a super rare cosmetic back.

Here’s what we’re talking about.

Royale Dragon Glider

In a tweet by GMatrixGames, you can get a look at several of the skins that’ll be showing up for the Chinese New Year. Wukong might be the most well-known of the bunch, but that’s only because we’ve seen him several times now.

Something that many fans have zoned in on is the Royale Dragon glider, something we haven’t seen since Chapter 1 Season 3.

At the time, it was practically impossible to tell that this glider would never release again, so if you’re somebody who scooped it up the first time, you have some major bragging rights over your friends.

Will It Come to Other Shops?

It doesn’t seem like it’s likely for this rare glider to hit the shops across the world outside of China going strictly off the fact that it hasn’t before.

This isn’t the first Chinese New Year to pass since it released and it still didn’t come to the shop, so there’s really no reason to suspect it now.

To make matters even worse, there isn’t a way for you to “trick” the game into thinking you’re in China to buy it, so it’s looking like you’re out of luck if you want to pick up any of these rare skins for the first time.

Maybe this will be a good opportunity for you to bust out your dragon glider if you have it, especially if you’re just now finding out how rare it is.

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