What Changed in Fortnite’s January 21 Update?

Epic Games

You might’ve gotten up to a small Fortnite update on January 21 that seemingly came out of nowhere, and if you’re wondering what it consisted of, then we have you covered.

On the Epic Games Store, Fortnite players have to install a 555 MB update before playing, which means it’s a bit more involved than just your run of the mill hotfix or something like that. This one actually required you to go back to the client and install something, so it interrupted the games of many players around the world.

Epic hasn’t given us true patch notes since Chapter 1, but they often come out with a blog post that goes over a variety of changes. This patch didn’t have anything of the sort, but they still explained what the update was all about.

What’s New?

If you’re a Fortnite player on PC or Android devices, then you woke up to the update, but it doesn’t seem to be anything that would affect the vast majority of players.

Instead, it’s just a maintenance patch that is meant to address the issue with the Support-A-Creator UI missing from the pre-game lobby of certain Creative islands. That means the area where you get to choose if you want to support the creator of the map you’re in doesn’t show up, which means they don’t gain by you playing with their creation.

It’s not the biggest of deal, but if you’re somebody who also has a creator typed in when you buy stuff from the Item Shop, it might’ve been something you noticed.

For the time being, this update is only out PC and Android, but it’ll come to all of the platforms eventually.

Small Hiccup

fortnite hawkeye skins

Epic Games

For just a split second, it seemed like there was going to be an issue with the patch being installed, but Epic addressed that problem as well.

“This issue is now resolved for players on PC and Android with the latest maintenance patch,” Epic wrote.

The problem was that it couldn’t be installed, so you’d just have a pending download with no way to get it implemented. That is obviously quite a hindrance, but you shouldn’t be running into any issues with that.

For the majority of players, there’s not much going on here as it didn’t bring new content to the game. For updates like that, you’ll always be looking at Tuesday unless Epic decides to mix it up.

The latest update might be the biggest one of Chapter 3 yet, and that’s saying a lot since we’ve had Winterfest in this season as well. It brought back Tilted Towers, added a massive dinosaur and even reintroduced the new and improved Grenade Launcher.

With a new area to explore and new guns to experience, now is a good time to fire up Fortnite again if you’ve been taking a break. Keep in mind that dropping at Tilted Towers will almost always be a death sentence, but it’s so much fun that we can’t fault you for doing it.

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