New Fortnite Love Potion Leaks For Valentine’s Day

fortnite love potion

Epic Games

Epic Games is getting ready to host a Valentine’s Day event in Fortnite and it’s looking like they are pulling out all of the stops for that one.

We have already gotten a look at some of the cosmetics that’ll be appearing in the coming days, and we’ve also received some hints that the Crossbow might be returning in the very near future.

It’s expected that there will be an event of some sort that’ll allow Fortnite players to unlock free cosmetics as there has been in the past, and Epic is even creating some new items for it.

Following the v15.30 update, leakers have discovered a “Love Potion” in the files, so let’s take a look at that.

Love Potion Leak

We don’t really know what this new potion will do, but Fortnite leaker Lucas7yoshi has revealed red shield pot will be coming to the game.

Fellow leaker InTheShade says this “Love Potion” will be used for a quest, which would seemingly confirm that Epic plans a small event with challenges for players to complete.

We might get a new LTM out of all of this considering all of the new stuff that’s expected to arrive.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and there are several things in the files already, but we might be getting a new update to add even more stuff before that.

New Update?

According to several different leakers, Epic has a new update, v15.40, prepared already and it could launch as soon as next week.

Remember, this is an extended season as we’re already in Week 10 with over a month of the season left, so we might be seeing more updates than usual.

If there is indeed an update, we only have a few more days of waiting to find out. Updates typically arrive on either a Tuesday or Thursday, with the most recent one dropping on a Tuesday.

It’ll definitely be exciting to see if Epic can close out the season strong with frequent updates, so keep an eye out for that! At the very least, we should be expecting a Valentine’s Day event with or without a new patch.

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