Fortnite Leak Reveals Return of Midas With a Twist

fortnite midas season 5

Epic Games

Ever since his debut early on in Fortnite Chapter 2, Midas has been one of the most popular villains in the history of the game and his skin has remained quite popular.

Through the subsequent seasons, we’ve seen him show up against as Shadow Midas and Midas Rex, but we haven’t seen him in his regular form in quite some time.

With Season 5, we’ve been seeing NPCs show up all over the island that can be talked to. Many of these characters will sell you Exotic weapons, so they are definitely something you shouldn’t forget about.

According to a new leak, we might be seeing Midas return in the near future as an NPC. The twist is that he might be the version you’ve come to know and love over the seasons, but he might actually be his female variant.

We’ve known this has been a possibility since the start of the season thanks to the loading screen, but this could finally be the debut of this character.

Midas Returns?

fortnite female midas

Epic Games

Since Midas is so popular, it’s possible that Epic Games wanted to capitalize on that by adding a new style.

The issue is that they probably didn’t expect how big the character would be when they locked him behind a Battle Pass, but this means that if they ever want to add to the character, they have to do so by adding a brand-new skin that costs V-Bucks.

For example, the female Midas looks just like her male counterpart, just with a gender swap. That was likely never going to be a variant style to begin with, but it’s an example.

According to ShiinaBR, this isn’t actually guaranteed to be an Item Shop skin, but instead it could just end up being an NPC. The leaker mentions that the NPC codename is Cat Burglar, and there’s no way to specify if that’s the male or female variant.

In Fortnite lore, Midas was actually eaten by a shark at the end of Season 3, but we have seen him show up a few times since then. His return as Shadow Midas would seemingly confirm he’s dead, but his Midas Rex skin does raise some questions.

We don’t know when this NPC will show up in the game, but it could be any day now since it’s in the files. Midas will likely have some very interesting voice lines to listen to if he does come back.

What Would This Mean?

Having an actual return of Midas would be big for the because that would mean his evil plans would be back in motion.

In fact, we don’t even know what the villain of this season is yet, so maybe Epic is saving Midas for that very occasion.

It’d be a surprising decision to make, but definitely one that will get people involved in the plot because everyone would be interested in seeing where Midas show up next.

Now, we just need Epic to release that Shadow Midas skin…

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