Fortnite Rift Fish Disabled After Flying Car Glitch

fortnite rift fish disabled

Epic Games

One of the best ways to get out of a sticky situation in Fortnite is by using the Rift Fish, a special fish that will open up a portal for you and your team to escape or rotate.

These fish are pretty rare and you’ll have to get pretty lucky to get several of them in a given match, so they are definitely something that is worth having in your arsenal as you head into the late game.

Unfortunately, that is no longer an option for the time being, and while Epic didn’t give a reason, we think we might have a reason for what happened.

On February 12, Epic announced the Rift Fish was disabled without much fanfare. One player is already taking credit for the problem, so let’s take a look at what they said happened.

Rift Fish Disabled

If you’ve been around the Fortnite scene for a while, you might already be aware of a YouTuber by the name of Glitch King.

This user goes through Fortnite and tries to break it in every way imaginable, and his latest example might have led to the Rift Fish being vaulted.

In his video, he explains the various steps you have to take that will allow your car to go through the portal and remain in the air indefinitely.

Obviously, this is a very big bug that will allow you to essentially have a sky base without having to build anything.

Again, Epic didn’t explicitly mention what the issue was, but Glitch King is taking credit for what happened.

When Will it Come Back?

The Rift Fish is an important part of the game, especially for anybody just trying to camp until late game for Arena points, so having it gone forces players to adapt.

Not everyone relies on the Rift Fish equally, so it being gone won’t exactly affect a ton of players, but they’ll definitely feel the void it left.

As for when it’s coming back, we don’t have a definitive answer since there isn’t a card on the Trello Board yet. That’s usually our best bet for finding out when fixes are coming.

With an update expected sometime next week, we might have to wait until then for the Rift Fish to return.

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