Fortnite Season 5 March Crew Pack Details Revealed

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It feels like just 20 days ago since February started, but the month is coming to a close very soon and that means we have another Fortnite Crew bundle to look forward to.

This means there will be a new skin to unlock, but it also means that Vi, this February skin, will be lost for good, so if you want to have that in your locker, make sure you pick up it while you can.

You might remember the blunder Epic made a few months ago when Green Arrow was accidentally given out to players early. Since that mistake, Epic has kept things under wraps a lot better and we haven’t known about the skins until they were officially revealed.

Despite their best efforts, we have some details about the upcoming cosmetics, albeit Epic did shortly confirm the bundle shortly after it was leaked. We hope you like llamas because that’s what you’re getting!

Possible Fortnite March Crew Pack Details

Thanks to Fortnite leaker FireMonkey, we have our potential first bit of details about the skin and it sounds like it’ll have something to do with a llama. Epic has since confirmed this is the case.

Update: The whole set has been revealed.

As you know, llamas have long been a part of Fortnite as one of the original mascots of the game. Surprisingly, we haven’t seen a ton of representation in terms of skins, with perhaps DJ Yonder being the most popular of what exists.

The skin in question here is the Llegend, which certainly sounds llama related, and the pickaxe and back bling are the Puffcorn Pick and Llambro.

What we don’t know is what the cosmetics look like, but with a little over a week left of February, we’re sure to find out quite soon. If Epic plans on teasing the Crew pack like they did last month, then we could know if this is the skin even sooner.

Is the Pack Worth It?

fortnite february crew pack bundle

Epic Games

As it stands right now, the Crew bundle is really only worth picking up if you’re a completionist and don’t want to miss out on any skins.

The cosmetics that are released in these monthly packs are exclusive to that month’s bundle, so if you miss out then that was your only shot.

With the cosmetics, you’ll also get an allowance of V-Bucks and the Battle Pass if you don’t already have it, but there’s not much more than that.

According to a recent survey that went out to players, Epic does seem to be looking into ways to make the offer a bit more enticing to anybody who is still on the fence.

Potential features that could soon be included include replays being saved in the cloud, Crew-exclusive challenges, increased number of Creative islands, just to name a few.

It’s unclear how fast any of that could be included, but it’d definitely go a long way to making the bundle feel a bit more worth having. For the time being, it’s really only worth it if you like the skin being offered.

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