Fortnite POIs Are Becoming Heavily Fortified, But Why?

fortnite season 6 fortified pois

Epic Games / HYPEX

We’re barely into Fortnite Season 6 but it already looks like the plot is moving along a lot quicker than it did in Season 5.

For Season 5, the main draw was the sheer number of crossovers that we got, and while that was very cool, it’s nice to be back to the game as we knew it.

Slowly, many of the locations around the Fortnite island are becoming fortified with sandbags, vehicles and fences. Epic hasn’t given us any reason as to why this is happening just yet, but there is no reason we can’t speculate about the plethora of reasons of why this might be the case.

Why The Extra Defenses?

Well, the first thing that would come to mind for all of this is something is going to be threatening the island.

In the recent v16.10 update, we saw Raptors unleashed into the world, so maybe this is a way of protecting these locations against them. If you’re willing to dive deeper into the rabbit hole, then there’s a wide variety of things you can speculate about.

While the Zero Point was contained, it came at the cost of making a deal with The Foundation, who may or may not be The Rock, and it’s possible that the effects of that deal are already being felt.

We don’t know what impact that will have, but it looks like the residents of Fortnite island do and that’s why they are gearing up for a battle. We’re still at the beginning of Season 6, so there’s a lot more that can play out over the coming weeks, but it looks like things are getting off to a pretty quick start.

Perhaps coincidentally, we’re just a few weeks out from Batman making his appearance on the island. He’ll play a crucial role in uncovering the mysteries of the island, and while that’ll be playing out in a comic book, we’ll likely be feeling the effects of it in Fortnite as well.

Batman is Coming

fortnite armored batman skin

Epic Games / DC Comics

The first issue of the Batman miniseries releases on April 20, and that will mark his debut on the island, at least when it comes to the world of DC Comics.

Whether Epic will change the map up to coincide with that new comic remains to be seen, but we do know that his comic will be essential to players who want to learn as much about the lore as possible. It seems unlikely that these barricades are being made for him, but it’s tough to say for certain.

The new issues drop on Tuesdays, which just so happens to be the usual day of Fortnite updates, so something might be planned there. Nothing has been set in stone as of yet, but it will be something to keep an eye out for.

Remember, anybody who plans on picking these issues up will also be getting a bunch of cosmetics too. Recently announced was Catwoman’s Grappling Claw for Issue 3, so if that’s something you want to get your hands on, you’ll need to grab that issue when it comes out in May.

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