Fortnite Season 6 Teaser Reveals New Weapons & Skins

fortnite season 6 teaser

Epic Games

We now have our first bit of concrete information about what to expect in the upcoming Fortnite season.

As you might know by now, Season 6 kicks off on March 16 and with it will come a new Battle Pass, likely a new weapon pool, and some big map changes. The start of a new season is always an exciting time, and that can be amplified through various teasers.

Epic Games typically drops a series of a teasers in the days leading up to a new season, and that’s just what they did on March 13 when Jonesy released another reality log.

Instead of this being something funny to listen to as yet another Fortnite crossover happens, this one reveals that Agent Jones is angry with the members of the Order and it sounds like he’s considering a side switch.

Also seen is the teaser is what appears to be an upcoming crossover skin with Neymar Jr. Let’s take a look.

That’s a Big Teaser

First things first, take a look at the teaser if you haven’t already seen it. Once you’ve done so, take a look at the images that you see moving across the screen here.

There are all sorts of interesting things to take a look at, so let’s start with the big one. Neymar Jr. appears to be being teased heavily.

This has since been confirmed by Neymar himself.

Soccer/football fans will likely love this one as this is one of the most popular athletes in the whole world.

He’s not the only thing we have to look at here either. As it turns out, there are a lot of sleuths out there who noticed several things from this single teaser.

FNAssist noticed the Neymar crossover, what appears to be a bow an arrows, a new weapon and even new wolves.

The wolves were mentioned back in December, so this appears to be further confirmation that this will be happening in the new season.

Maybe there’s even a Genie that could show up.

Some of you out there might be interested in learning more about this new shotgun.

Black Drum Shotgun?

According to HYPEX, this gun shown in the teaser could end up being the Black Drum Shotgun and it could be arriving in the next season.

Of course, you might be wondering if another shotgun is even needed in Fortnite, but if there’s one thing the devs like to mess with, it’s the shotgun pool.

This isn’t confirmation that that’ll be happening at the start of the season, but if it isn’t, then we don’t know what this teaser is trying to show us.

There’s a good chance that this isn’t even our last teaser before the new season hits on Tuesday, so there will be even more things to dig into. All signs are pointing to an exciting season, and it all starts with the solo-centric live event that’ll put players into the shoes of Agent Jones himself.

Make sure you finish off everything you need to do in Season 5 before it’s gone for good!

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