Strange Fortnite Island May Tie Into Oro Skin Lore

fortnite oro isle

Epic Games

The newest Fortnite update has added a strange island into the game and many players are wondering just what it could mean going forward.

After the v16.30 patch dropped, players can now visit a mysterious island to the south of Flush Factory that appears to have a bunch of steam coming off it.

Nothing has been revealed yet, and some have already speculated this could be where Batman’s Bat Cave would appear. If we’re going by the comic book, then this doesn’t seem very likely, which would lead us to believe that Epic is up to something else for this spot.

So far, a prevailing theory appears to center around Oro, the golden skeleton that appeared in Fortnite several seasons ago. It appears that Epic could have plans for a female variant of this skin, similar to how they offered a new spin on Midas.

Nothing is confirmed as of yet, but leakers have painted a pretty clear picture about what to expect from this island. The return of Oro? Let’s find out.

Welcome to OroIsle

Leakers such as FortTory have noted that this steamy island is codenamed “OroIsle” in the files, which would seem to indicate this is tied to Oro in some way.

He also notes that Oro will show up as an NPC at some point in Season 6 because he was added to the files in an earlier update.

This would seemingly reveal where he’ll be living on the island as an NPC, so he won’t be very hard to find. Of course, this all comes down to whether or not any of this is accurate.

Epic adds a lot of things to the game files only for them to never appear, so it’s always better to just wait for official confirmation when it comes to situations like this.

What’s Special About Oro?

shadow midas fortnite

Epic Games

Oro was first introduced as an Item Shop skin back in Chapter 2 Season 2 at part of the Midas’ Revenge set.

He’s covered head to toe in gold, and there’s heavy speculation that he’s the same character as Midas. The easiest comparison to make is the same facial scar that Midas has and the fact that’s made out of gold.

We don’t have any official information from Epic about this being the case, and we’ve also seen an undead Midas come back to the game in the past and it had nothing to do with Oro.

Whether Oro will play a role in this season’s event remains to be seen, but considering he’s been a semi-important character before, it wouldn’t be surprising to see that be the case once again.

We don’t know a whole lot about the Season 6 plot as of yet, so perhaps Oro will end up being the first domino to fall regarding the lore.

At the very least, it’s looking like we’ll get to meet up with Oro. The Fortnite NPCs have had some interesting dialogue in the past, so we can probably expect the same thing with this spooky, scary skeleton.

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