Final Fortnite Season 6 Wild Week Theme Revealed

fortnite season 6 final wild week

Epic Games

One of the cooler additions by Epic Games during Fortnite Season 6 is the Wild Week.

This has been a way for Fortnite players to indulge themselves with wacky ways to play the game and it seems like they have proven to be successful. Whether it’s catching more fish, lighting everything on fire or simply jumping higher in the air, there’s been something for everyone.

Now that the end of the season is upon us, Epic has decided to give us one more Wild Week and it’s all about spending your Gold Bars. In an end-of-season blog post, Epic detailed what to expect with the rest of the season, and they revealed the final Wild Week.

Get ready to start spending.

Spend Spend Spend!

Just like last season, Epic wants you to spend all of your Gold Bars because they will be reset when Season 7 rolls around.

To encourage you to do this, the price of Exotics, upgrading, and pretty much anything to do with an NPC is heavily discounted.

All of this begins on June 3 and that’s when you’ll want to spend everything you have. There are definitely some wacky Exotic guns to use, and some of them are actually pretty decent. A “weapon” like the Chug Cannon comes in handy during a Squads match, and being able to get one for cheap is very cool.

There’s no telling what assortment of Exotics will be in the next season, but we’re sure the developers will be able to whip something cool up. From the wording of the blog post, it does seem like Gold Bars will still be in the next season, which would seemingly confirmed NPCs stick around too.

Will Wild Weeks Stay?

fortnite leaked upcoming crossovers

Epic Games

Something that’s interesting to point out is the fact that Wild Weeks didn’t start at the beginning of Season 6.

Instead, Epic decided to implement them during the season, which seemingly indicates it’s something they came up with relatively fast. However, the Wild Weeks are definitely cool twists on the game and they keep things exciting.

We have no confirmation of whether or not the Wild Weeks will continue into Season 7, but it’d definitely be shame to not see them be there. They might take a little break to let players get used to the new content of the season before showing up again.

Could you even imagine the outrage that would’ve been everywhere if Flame Bows were everywhere at the start of a new season like they were during the Wild Week?

We’re sure there will be more surprises at the start of the new season, and Batman might be the key to it all. While he made his debut during Season 6, it’s looking like some of the bigger reveals are tied to Season 7.

We just found out what’s hidden in the unbreakable bunkers thanks to the Batman comic, and with two more issues to go, there might be even bigger surprises in store.

Of course, we can’t forget about the potential of an alien invasion.

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