Fortnite Wild Weeks Return to Close Out Season 7

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One of the cool parts of Fortnite Season 6 was the Wild Weeks that closed out the season. From the overabundance to fire to loads of fish being in the water, there was something cool for players to look forward to each week.

When Season 7 started, Epic ditched the Wild Weeks, but following the v17.40 update, it was revealed that they are coming back and they are come backing very soon.

Starting this Thursday and then each week for the rest of the month, Epic will introduce a new theme that mixes up the world of Fortnite. If it’s anything like the last Wild Weeks, then there will be all sorts of wacky things going on.

Let’s take a look at what the first Wild Week looks like.


fortnite v17.20 patch notes

Epic Games

The first Wild Week kicks off August 19 and it’ll replace every Epic Pistol, Epic Assault Rifle and Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles with their suppressed variants.

This means you’ll be seeing a lot of Suppressed Pistols, AR and Snipers in the coming days. This doesn’t have a huge impact on much, but it will make things bit trickier for the person being shot at. You won’t be able to rely on the loud ringing of a sniper shot to find your enemy anymore, but you’ll instead have to rely on more of your senses.

The aliens will be getting in on the action for the debut week too as there will be more Prop-ifiers scattered around the island. This means you can let out a silent shot before retreating to the comfort of your prop. It could be a deadly combo, so make sure you give it a try while you can.

This week will also come with a set of Legendary Quests that tie into the stealthiness, so you’ll be forced to get in on the fun if you value large swaths of XP.

What to Expect in Week 2

fortnite june fish spray free

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The cool thing about the Wild Weeks is that they never outstay their welcome as they are rotated out weekly.

Week 2 will begin on August 26, but Epic hasn’t told us what to expect with the upcoming week just yet.

However, we have seen the Legendary Quests for the next week, and if Epic plans on tying them all into the Wild Week, then we know what to expect. This week will be all about dealing damage with suppressed guns, but the upcoming week is about dealing damage shortly after gliding.

This could mean there are a lot more mobility options like Jump Pads to look forward to in the next week. Epic could even decide to unvault some items or add more IO Jump Pads to the ground. Remember, this is just speculation and we don’t have any official information about what Epic has planned.

The best we can do is make guesses based off the upcoming Legendary Quests. Whatever the case may be, we’re just excited to see the return of Wild Weeks. Let’s hope we’re able to close out the season strong!

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