Fortnite PlayStation Have 2 Chances to Earn Big Money

fortnite season 8 playstation cup

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If you’re a Fortnite player on PlayStation, then you’re well aware of some of the advantages you have.

For starters, there are the PS Plus bundles that give out free cosmetics, provided you’re subscribed to Sony’s online service, something that isn’t required to play Fortnite on the platform.

As if that wasn’t already enough of an incentive, Sony and Epic have teamed up for a PlayStation Cup in Fortnite that will give players the chance to win some big money, provided they are able to prove they can hang with the best of the best.

There will be two cups in total, so if you don’t perform well in the first one, you’ll have another shot to show off your skills. Here’s what you need to know.

PlayStation Only

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Epic Games

These cups will be exclusive to Fortnite players on PS4 and PS5, so that means the other platforms are excluded from this.

This will be a Solo competition, so it’s a change of pace from many of the previous tournaments that are usually in a Duo or Trio format. The cups are separated into two different rounds, with the first one being available to all players. To get into the second round, you’ll have to be in the top 100 players.

Round 1 gives you three hours to play in up to 10 matches while Round 2 has six total matches.

The first cup is October 2, so you don’t have a ton of time to get ready, but you won’t have to reach a certain Arena rank or anything, so don’t worry about that. Make sure you check out the in-game Compete tab for the exact starting time in your region.

A date for the next tournament hasn’t been set, but Epic does say it’ll be in November. Now, the only thing that you might be left wondering about is what rewards are up for grabs.

It’s not a free cosmetic or anything, but it’s the next best thing ⁠– money.

Prize Breakdown

fortnite season 8 map changes

Epic Games

Like most tournaments in Fortnite, there’s something you’re playing for. This time around, it’s money up for grabs, but not everyone is going to have a shot at it.

Although not everybody will come away with a cash prize, it’s still fun to compete. Here’s the full breakdown:

EU, NAE, NAW, And Brazil Fortnite PlayStation Cup Prizing

  • 1st        $1,200
  • 2nd       $1,100
  • 3rd        $1,000
  • 4th        $800
  • 5th        $725
  • 6th        $600
  • 7th        $550
  • 8th        $500
  • 9th        $450
  • 10th – 25th $400
  • 26th – 50th $300
  • 51st – 64th $200

OCE, ME, And ASIA* Fortnite PlayStation Cup Prizing

  • 1st        $650
  • 2nd       $600
  • 3rd        $550
  • 4th        $500
  • 5th        $450
  • 6th       $400
  • 7th        $350
  • 8th – 9th $300
  • 10th – 20th $200

*Players in Japan are not eligible to participate in the Fortnite PlayStation Cup.

As for the format, placements are valued most of all, but you’ll want to make sure you’ll also eliminating players along the way.

  • Victory Royale: 30 points
  • 2nd: 25 points
  • 3rd: 22 points
  • 4th: 20 points
  • 5th: 19 points
  • 6th: 17 points
  • 7th: 16 points
  • 8th: 15 points
  • 9th: 14 points
  • 10th: 13 points
  • 11th – 15th: 11 points
  • 16th – 20th: 9 points
  • 21st – 25th: 7 points
  • 26th – 30th: 5 points
  • 31st – 35th: 4 points
  • 36th – 40th: 3 points
  • 41st – 50th: 2 points
  • 51st – 75th: 1 point
  • Each Elimination: 1 point*
  • *Round 2 Eliminations are worth 2 points.

Your work is certainly cut out for you, so make sure you get out there and give it your best. Who knows, you might be able to earn some money along the way.

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