Famous Fortnite Chapter 2 POI Could Make a Comeback

fortnite season 8 the grotto

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While it took a while for Fortnite Chapter 2 to get into the swing of things, there were actually several cool locations that were once on the map.

One of these is The Grotto, a special underground fortress that Brutus lived in, but that feels like a different time all the way in Season 8.

The remnants of this area are still on the map, but players are no longer able to access it since it’s been completely flooded with water.

However, there’s something that’s been happening this season that has some fans thinking the old favorite is making a return. We’ve already known there are some smaller map changes happening behind the scenes, but this would be the biggest one yet.

Return of The Grotto?

In a video posted by FortniteBR, you can see the water level at The Grotto has actually dropped a teeny, tiny bit. This might mean a whole lot of nothing, but it could also be a hint at what’s to come.

We haven’t been able to visit this location in several seasons now, so many players don’t even know what it looked it.

What this would do is open up a brand new spot of the map for players to land at without even having to change any other locations. It sort of seems like a win-win scenario for the developers. They won’t have to get rid of anything else and they can just clear out the underground area.

At this point in the season, it’s tough to tell what the actual plan is. We know fans would love to see some map changes, and bringing back an iconic location like this would be very exciting to see.

We’re still pretty early into the season, so there’s plenty of time for Epic to make some changes, but we just don’t know what those will consist of.

Something we do know is that the month of October will have a lot of surprises for players, so let’s talk about some of those.

Fortnitemares Returns

There hasn’t been official word from Epic, but it’s practically a given that Fortnitemares will be returning this season. This is the name of Fortnite’s annual Halloween event and it usually brings a bunch of spooky skins into the game.

This means there will be plenty of returning skins like Jack Gourdon, Ghoul Trooper and many others, but it also means there will be more new styles to get your hands on.

A leak has told us that we’ll be seeing the Ghostbusters on the island as NPCs, but we might also be getting the return of the skins too.

Outside of all this, details are scarce about Fortnitemares, but it should be a fun time. We know that it overstayed its welcome last year and players did grow sick of the constant returning as zombies that would just land right on your upon eliminating them the first time. It got pretty annoying, so we’ll have to hope Epic avoids something like that this time around.

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