Fortnite Will Soon Give You More Ways to Get Gold Bars

fortnite gold bars sell weapons npcs

Epic Games

Gold Bars have been the driving force of Fortnite Season 5 as this new currency has been needed to purchase Exotic weapons and recruit NPCs to your cause.

These NPCs will also upgrade your weapons to higher rarity, which makes them an essentially part of your matches if you have the bars to spend. These Gold Bars can be obtained by opening chests, finishing bounties, and eliminating players in a match.

Now, it appears like Epic plans on adding a new way to get them and it’s by selling your weapons back to the NPCs.

Now, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, it’s important to note that we’re on the cusp of Season 6, so a change like this might not happen at this point in time.

Instead, it could be saved for the start of the next along with some other changes, so that’s just something to keep in mind.

Fortnite Leak Shows You Can Sell Weapons

On February 28, Fortnite leaker HYPEX showed there was a feature in the game that would let you sell your weapons to NPCs in exchange for Gold Bars.

The leaker said that if you sell an expensive item, the NPC would do the “Make It Rain” emote, so it’s clear that this idea is pretty well thought out, but it just isn’t in the game yet.

With no more updates planned for the rest of the season, it’s looking like this will be something that has to wait until the future. We’ll just have to hope that the idea isn’t scrapped entirely because it does seem like it’s a good idea.

Vending Machines used to let players spend materials on weapons, and this method would let you spend weapons on currency which would then be used to get better guns.

It’s a nice way of getting rid of loot you don’t need and then benefiting from it.

Are Gold Bars in Season 6?

If this doesn’t release this season, that would sort of confirm that Gold Bars will be sticking around for at least another season.

This makes a lot of sense because although Season 5 didn’t really do much in terms of adding new content to the game, we did get Gold Bars and those were a well-received addition.

For them to be added for a season and then taken out doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to us, so we assume that won’t be the case, especially when you see there are still more plans for them.

Epic Games

There’s also been a glitch that has persisted for what feels like all season where there’s a chance that your Gold Bars could be stuck at zero when you go into a match, which means you aren’t able to spend them.

Considering how many cool Exotic weapons there are that are available in the game, this is extremely disappointing to see when you have to waste a match not spending your bars.

If they do stick around for another season, we’ll likely be seeing Epic expand the Exotic weapon pool, similar to how they did this season. There are probably even more things that the developers could whip up in Season 6 that we just aren’t thinking about at the moment.

The future is bright for the game and as we approach yet another season, we’ll get to see some of the prizes Epic has in store.

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