Upcoming Fortnite Hunter Set Includes Two Characters

Epic Games

Some more information regarding the upcoming Fortnite Zero Point hunters has been revealed following the latest update.

We know that there are still at least three more crossovers planned before the end of Season 5, and now that we’re about a month away from that happening, the time to start releasing them is now.

The v15.40 update brought a few new things to the game including the ever popular Floor is Lava LTM, but a lot of players are focusing on what’s going on behind the scenes.

Finding out what the new cosmetics are is always exciting, and this update unveiled a lot more information about what to expect with the upcoming crossover skins.

Although we don’t know what they’ll look like or even what their names are, we do have some good details to go off that could help lead us in the right direction.

Male and Female

Following the update, Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR revealed that there are two encrypted skins in the files that are codenamed Skirmish and Kepler respectively.

The Skirmish set will feature a Male and Female skin which the leaker hopes would be WandaVision. That would be a very cool addition to see, especially considering how popular the show has become and it’s on Disney+ just like The Mandalorian.

What this set means is that there will be two skins included instead of the usual one, similar to how Daryl and Michonne arrived.

While it would have made more sense to do a WandaVision crossover back in Season 4 when Marvel characters were running rampant, the show wasn’t out yet so there was no crossover to do.

Who Else Could it Be?

Since the idea behind the crossovers is to bring hunters into the Fortnite world, those two Marvel heroes might not exactly fit the bill as much as you’d like.

Instead, we might have to focus our attention on other franchises. A possible guess would be the Xenomorph and Ripley from the Alien franchise. We’ve already gotten Predator and Terminator skins, so why not make this iconic franchise next?

There’s really no telling where Epic will want to go with the hunters next, so that’s part of what makes this exciting. Surprisingly, we still don’t even know what the villain for this season even is.

Why is Jonesy Doing This?

fortnite gi joe

Epic Games

The million dollar question for this season is why are all of these characters being brought to Fortnite?

With Season 4, it all made sense because we got to see Galactus looming over the island for much of the season. In Season 5, that’s no longer the case and the only thing we know about the season is pretty much just coming from NPC dialogue.

There’s not a whole lot of time left for us to find out the mystery as Season 5 wraps up on March 15, so Epic will really have to kick it into high gear.

As long as the game remains fresh and fun, then it might not be a big deal, but we have to admit that the lore experts in Fortnite have been struggling with content as of late.

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