Fortnite Spider-Man Gets a Major Mechanic Right

fortnite spider-man web swinging

Epic Games

The release of Spider-Man in Fortnite Chapter 3 has been a longtime coming, and it seems like the writing was on the wall for over a year now.

Way back during Chapter 2, Season 4, there was a Spider-Man-themed emote that released, but the wall crawler was nowhere to be seen. To be fair, that season gave us a ton of Marvel heroes, so there wasn’t much reason to complain.

It seems that Epic has been working behind the scenes giving players a cool character to play as in Chapter 3. While Spider-Man is the marquee addition to the Battle Pass, with two different styles being unlockable, he has some items that make the new season even more fun to play. A leak has said even more styles are coming as well.

Similar to how that Marvel season had special items like Wolverine’s Claws, you can get Spider-Man’s web shooters as a Mythic Item, and they look like a definite game-changer. Instead of shooting webs are you enemies, you’ll be able to use these item to traverse the map by swinging around.

In fact, what we’ve seen from them seem to confirm that the team at Epic understands how his web slinging should work.

Thwip Thwip

While the web shooters aren’t out yet, Epic did accidentally have them available for a short period of time, so players got to try out the item before its release.

In the clip posted by FortTracker, you can see a player using the web shooters to swing around the map by attaching to trees. Not only do you travel across the map much faster than you would normally, your character will even do Spider-Man-like poses in the air when you detach.

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You can see a similar thing in Lazarbeam’s Chapter 3 video, and he even goes on the mention that the sky base strategy could be back on the menu thanks to these web shooters.

At its core, Fortnite is meant to be about fun and that’s a big reason why it got as popular as it did. Weapons and items like the Boogie Bomb, traps, Flint-Knock Pistol, etc. were never looked at as essential items to have in your arsenal, but they were fun to use.

Similarly, these web shooters look very fun to use, and they’ll have the added bonus of being good items.

How Does Web Swinging Compare to Other Games

spider-man black panther fortnite

Sony / Epic Games

Another high-profile game that recently added Spider-Man to the mix is Marvel’s Avengers. If you’re a PS4 or PS5 owner who owns the game, you’ll be able to play as Spider-Man, and it’s clear that developer Crystal Dynamics put a lot of work into their wall crawler.

One major change, however, is that their Spider-Man can swing from anywhere on the map, even if it means attaching his webs to the sky. Fortnite’s Spider-Man swinging can only happen if the webs attach to an object like a tree of a building.

Obviously, it’s tough to compare the two games as they are both setting out to accomplish different things, but it’s interesting to see a non-superhero game like Fortnite get the web swinging so right. In fact, there are some fans who might even think Fortnite’s version is better.

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