Fortnite Leak Has Players Thinking Thanos is Returning

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It’s been a very long time since we’ve had Thanos in Fortnite and many players likely weren’t even around for the LTM that featured the famous Marvel villain.

As it turns out, that Infinity Gauntlet LTM was just the beginning of all of the crossovers Epic would eventually do with Fortnite, even though this was absolutely groundbreaking at the time.

Since this was just the tip of the iceberg, it’s a bit weird that we haven’t seen Thanos around too often in Fortnite as he didn’t factor into the Season 4 plot at all, despite there being a Marvel theme.

As we move forward through Season 5 and approach the end, there’s actually a hint that Thanos could return. This information comes from a leak following the v15.40 update where an Extra Large Male skin received an additional animation.

Interestingly enough, Thanos is currently the only character in all of Fortnite that would fit this bill.

Thanos Strikes Back?

Thanks to Fortnite leaker Mang0e, we know the animation was added, but it seems to just be an educated guess that it’s for Thanos.

It’s tough to tell for certain what the actual plan is since there doesn’t seem to be any sort of indication that Thanos will be returning soon, so maybe this could be for another Zero Point character.

We’re still waiting on three more characters to show up and with the season coming to a close in less than a month, that will have to happen quite fast.

There are a few theories that point to Wanda and Vision coming over, but now there might be a large skin coming with them.

How to Play as Thanos in Fortnite

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Although Thanos did have a playable model, he was never available as a skin as it’d be quite difficult to balance a cosmetic with that big of a hit box, so chances are slim that this could be an Item Shop skin.

The most likely scenario is that this large skin will be an NPC in some way, but we still don’t know what form that would take.

Another recent leak indicates that Midas will be returning to the island in the coming days, likely as an NPC, so maybe he can bring someone with him.

What Else Could it Be?

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Something important to note is that Season 5 concludes on March 15, but Epic still hasn’t revealed who the villain or what the threat is yet.

We’re quickly running out of time to find out, so maybe this large skin could be a foe that shows up on the island that we’ll have to defeat.

Jonesy is rounding up all sorts of characters from all of the universe to help the Fortnite island, but even they don’t know what they’re here for.

Eventually, we’ll have to get some sort of information unless Epic just plans on going into next season without any sort of conclusion to this story. That would be weird to see, but they certainly know a lot more than we do. We’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled.

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