Fortnite Hotfix Tweaks Tornadoes & Lightning Storms

fortnite tornado hotfix

Epic Games

Although Fortnite hasn’t gotten major update with downtime for quite a while now, that hasn’t stopped Epic from adding things to the game each week.

This past week introduced the new weather elements into the mix, something that was first shown to us back in the Chapter 3 trailer. Instead of dropping everything at once, Epic decided the best method was to drip feed us the content, and that has meant we have waited for a variety of things like Spider-Man’s Web Shooters and now the tornadoes.

Now that the tornadoes are here, players are discovering that these aren’t exactly a bad thing and they can add a ton to the game. Instead of being something straight out of the film Twister, these twisters aren’t going to hurt you, but can actually be a boon to your gameplay by allowing quick rotation options by sucking you up and launching you far distances.

If you were somebody who thought these storms didn’t spawn enough, then we have good news for you.

More Tornadoes

According to Fortnite leaker HYPEX, tornadoes now have a 100 percent chance of spawning in the game, which is an increase from 80 percent. While we are in the midst of tornado week, a time that gives us increased storm spawns until January 17, it seems that Epic though they weren’t rolling out fast enough.

Here’s the list of changes that Epic made:

  • Tornado chance increased from 80% to 100%
  • Tornado can now spawn in first 6 storms, was 5 before
  • Tornado chance to get delayed in first storm reduced from 3 minutes to 2
  • Lightning storm delay time reduced from 3 minutes to 2 minutes

From the sounds of things, it looks like you’ll be seeing a tornado in every match, and you’ll be seeing them spawn later in the game and also faster.

Remember, being struck by lightning isn’t the worst thing in the world either as it’ll give you a small speed boost and it doesn’t hurt you all that much. Make sure you get out there and play in the tornado!

Guns Were Nerfed Too

This is an interesting hotfix because there was one on January 13 as well that changed the weapon meta.

The entirety of Chapter 3 has been dominated by the MK7 and Stinger SMG, so Epic finally stepped in to make a change. Here’s what that looks like in case you didn’t catch the news:

  • MK7 damage nerfed from 21/22/23/24/25/26 to 20/21/22/23/24/25
  • Stinger SMG nerfed from 18/19/20/21/22/24 to 16/17/18/19/20/22
  • Auto Shotgun reload time buffed from 8.8/8.4/8/7.6/7.2/6.8 to 6.2/6/5.7/5.4/5.1/4.8

It seems like the idea here was the make the shotguns a better option while making the spray weapons weaker. It will be hard to break the habits of players, and these spray weapons are still very strong.

You’ll notice that the Auto Shotgun is the only shotgun that got a change, so Epic must by happy with the performance of the pump. There’s still plenty of season left to go, so we might be seeing even more tweaks in the coming weeks.

Stay on the lookout for the elusive v19.10 next week.

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