How to Get Free Fortnite Cosmetics Watching FNCS Season 4

fortnite fncs season 4

Epic Games

For all of you competitive esports fans out there, the Fortnite Champion Series for Season 4 is getting ready to begin and Epic Games is handing out a bunch of goodies for fans who tune into the action.

If you’ve never seen pro Fortnite players play before, then you’re likely not prepared for how their games look. Instead of action early on, they will instead farm up for the majority of the match and then start fighting when the circle begins to close to minuscule sizes.

As an incentive to tune in and boost viewership, Epic Games has once again offered free Twitch drops to anybody who checks out the action. Here’s how you can get your free cosmetics by just watching.

How to Get Free Cosmetics Watching FNCS

The first thing you’ll have to do if you want to get some free gear is link your Epic Games account to your Twitch account, which can be done here.

The spray and emote seen in the above tweet will be available this weekend by watching, so if you like what you see then you might as well tune in. Any stream, including the official broadcast and players who are streaming, that is marked as “Drops Enabled” will give these cosmetics out.

There will also a back bling and loading screen available, but it looks like those might be available at a later date since Epic is only advertising the emote and spray this time around.

What is the FNCS Schedule?

The FNCS qualifiers will be streamed every Saturday and Sunday beginning October 10. They will run every weekend until October 29, which is when the Finals will air until November 1.

This gives players about a month of action to tune into, so there should be more than enough Fortnite esports to satisfy your appetites. As for when the event begins each day, here’s that info:


  • 1:00pm – Broadcast begins
  • 1:15pm – Live EU coverage
  • 5:15pm – Live NAE coverage
  • 8:30pm – Approximate end

Make sure you have your accounts linked so you can get the free cosmetics!

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