5 Fruit Ninja 2 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Fruit Ninja is back!

And with this “juicy” sequel comes the same addictive fruit slashing gameplay that enraptured gamers years before. Fruit Ninja 2 gives you the power of a blade-wielding master that also relies on powerups in order to reach amazing high scores. You’ll have to master your screen swipes to the max as you play a variety of modes that throw in random elements in order to switch things up. With our assistance, you’ll become a Fruit Ninja 2 pro and attain incredible point goals in no time at all.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Fruit Ninja 2:

Download Fruit Ninja 2 from Google Play here.

1. Wait for Some Fruits to Pile Up Together to Pull Off Combo Slashes and Make Sure You Steer Clear of Bombs

Fruit Ninja 2

Halfbrick Studios

Fruit Ninja 2 throws up all manner of fruits for you to cut through in a variety of single-player modes and multiplayer league matches. Those fruits tend to fly up all over the screen and require you to swipe all over the place to increase your score. Sometimes you’ll spot bunched up groups of fruit fly up onto your screen, which you’ll want to make sure you cut through with just one well-placed swipe. That way, you can nab a combo bonus and rack up even more points in one fell swoop. It’s always best to keep an eye out for fruits that are closely tied together as they fly up or fall together in unison so you can take advantage of combo bonuses.

• You should also pay attention to bananas that activate random powerups as soon as you slice ’em and bombs. In the case of bombs, use short swipes to take out the fruits that alongside them – using long swipes makes it easier for you to hit the bomb and knock precious seconds off of your timer. Whenever you spot bombs that hang a little too close to a group of fruits, it might be best to not do any swiping altogether. You’re much better off letting that hazardous group of fruits fall instead of risking it and mistakenly swiping the bomb for your efforts. You’ll really have to sacrifice a few pieces of fruit whenever that situation arises during Arcade and Classic events. By the way, you should only rely on short swipes once that final huge pomegranate fruit pops up.

2. Spend Most of Your Time Playing Arcade Mode

Fruit Ninja 2

Halfbrick Studios

• The Events tab offers up a nice selection of game mode variations. While timed events are important in their own regard, you should really spend the majority of your game time playing Arcade matches. You’ll want to get your hands on the mode’s two unlockable powerups and extra blade as soon as possible (the unlockable character skin is a nice bonus, too).

• Once you unlock one (and eventually all) of those rewards, you’ll be much better off the next time you replay Arcade and participate in multiplayer League bouts with them in tow. Put a good amount of time into reaching Arcade progress meter goals and spend some time doing the same for the Zen and Classic modes, too.

3. Once Events Become Available, Spend the Majority of Your Gameplay Session Ascending Up Their Leaderboards Before They Expire

• Once you’ve spent a good amount of time playing through the Arcade, Zen, and Classic modes, be sure to spend some time with limited time events before you log off for the day. Depending on how many event tickets you have, spread them out across the three timed events that are currently running during your current gameplay session. You’ll want to hit at least two progress meter goals within one or all of the timed events on the right side of your screen on a daily basis.

• Whenever you participate in an event that features multiple single-player games and multiplayer matches within it, focus on completing everything they entail before anything else. Since those events are usually the most difficult to overcome, you’ll want to complete them ASAP and reap their rewards before their time is up.

4. Adjust Your Blade and Powerups Loadout Before Taking on League Matches

Fruit Ninja 2

Halfbrick Studios

• So keep in mind that the stats attached to blades and a single powerup only apply during multiplayer league matches. Earning more trophies and making your way up to higher leagues can easily be done by going in with a strong blade and the right selection of powerups. If you’re going to spend your gems on anything within the shop, those items should only be new blades and powerups.

• Make sure you complete as many Seasonal Quests as you can so you earn enough stars to unlock boxes full of powerup duplicates for upgrading and an extra blade. Leveling up your best powerups will give you an even higher chance of coming out on top during multiplayer matches. Our preferred powerup loadout for single-player and multiplayer sessions is Great Wave, Tornado, and Critical Fruit. Apply that loadout in order to hit Arcade point goals on its event progress meter much faster and win more multiplayer matches at a higher rate.

5. Be Sure to Tend to Your Garden

Fruit Ninja 2

Halfbrick Studios

• Once you finally unlock your garden, you’ll want to pay special attention to its tending needs. You’ll want to make sure you do the following – set up your seedlings to do their thing as soon as you earn more, go off to tend to your regular game session activities, and come back every now and then to water them once they reach their time completion intervals.

• And of course, you should plant seedlings that need a whole day to reach the next stage of blossoming before you log off. That way, you can log in during the next day to continue the seedling growth process. The garden rewards you with extra gold, gems, items, and powerup duplicates, so it’s worth spending your time tending to it.

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