Tekken 7: Lidia Sobieska Gameplay Trailer (Season 4)

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Season Pass 4 gave Tekken 7 fans the promise of two DLC characters and seemingly the last batch of content for Bandai Namco’s premier 3D fighter.

Kunimitsu arrived as the first member of that two-person lineup and was met with plenty of praise. Now we know who the second and final member of Season 4 is and she just so happens to be pretty big in her home country of Poland. The Polish prime minister that also knows how to get her point across outside the board room goes by the name of Lidia Sobieska. And now we finally have a good look at what she’s capable of. Lidia’s gameplay introduction shows her mastery of the martial art known as Polskie Karate. Her move set consists of snappy strikes, counter-based maneuvers, and stance-changing moves. Lidia’s trailer gives us a good glimpse at her juggle combo potential, which is thankfully high.

Lidia Tekken 7

Bandai Namco Entertainment

Lidia’s debut in Tekken 7 and the series as a whole comes with some returning features that fans should adore. Her signature stage is practically a callback to the Eternal Paradise arena from Tekken Tag Tournament 2. But this time, it’s been completely revamped to offer an even more visually pleasing presentation. The name of her signature stage is Island Paradise, by the way. And it just so happens to feature Lee in the background soaking up some rays. Along with that new stage comes a cool remix of the Beach theme from Tekken 4, which is another nice callback to Tekken’s storied past.

Tekken 7 players can look forward to mastering Lidia’s style of combat real soon as she’s set to drop on Tuesday, March 23.

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