10 Marvel Realm of Champions Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Marvel Realm of Champions transports Marvel Comics fans to a perilous realm known as Battleworld.

Battleworld plays host to a host of Champions that adopt the superpowers attached to several iconic heroes. They’ll need to master their newfound abilities now that they’re set to do battle across three separate battle mode variations. Marvel Realm of Champions will throw you smack dab into a MOBA battle arena, a wave-based skirmish, and a quick deathmatch mode that tests your current team’s synergy. We’ve engaged in every type of battle within Marvel Realm of Champions and are now ready to pass on some game-winning advice to you all. Plus we have a set of curated strategies straight from the game creators themselves.

Here are the top 10 tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Marvel Realm of Champions:

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1. Rely on a Stick and Move Approach During Arena Conquest Matches

Marvel Realm of Champions

Kabam Games, Inc.

Marvel Realm of Champions’ main battle mode incorporates MOBA mechanics where a 3v3 skirmish erupts between two teams. Attaining victory is accomplished by destroying the rival team’s BODOK. In order to open up the opposing team’s BODOK, you’ll need to wipe out all three of its members. The best approach to fulfilling that goal is by using a stick and move approach, no matter which character you’re currently using.

• Land a few attacks alongside your teammates, bring out your special abilities from time to time and be sure to dash out of dangerous situations on the regular. Be sure to save your hero’s third and most powerful ability for the exact moment when your rival team’s BODOK opens up to get attacked. Pouring your ultimate ability into wearing down the Baron during the first assault makes it so much easier to finally vanquish once it opens up for an attack the second time around.

2. Target You Own Set of Foes During the First Two Waves, Then Stick Close to the ISO-Core During the Final Wave

Marvel Realm of Champions

Kabam Games, Inc.

• Stronghold’s co-op battles incorporate a wave-based enemy approach that tests you and your teammates with defending an ISO-Core from incoming foes. During the first two waves of enemies you encounter, pay attention to where your teammates run off to. Wherever they end up, head in the direction of the other enemies that are making their way to your ISO-Core. Once you’ve wiped out your own group of baddies, go aid your teammates by wiping out the last remaining foes in their midst.

• Once the third and final wave of enemies pops up, you’ll be tasked with taking on a very formidable hero and an even stronger lineup of baddies. During this final encounter, it’s always best for you to stick close to the ISO-Core since the last set of foes are strong enough to walk right up to it. Stay right near it and pour all your efforts into wiping out the opposition with everything you have. If your friends march off to confront the final wave head-on, you’ll always want to make sure you’re the last line of defense that’s planted right near the ISO-Core.

3. Focus on Collecting Special Ability Boosters and HP Bits During Deathmatches

Marvel Realm of Champions

Kabam Games, Inc.

• The final mode you can participate in is a 2v2v2 Deathmatch mode. During these matches, you can run around the map collecting blue energy cubes and green minerals. You’ll want to make sure you collect as many of those items as you can so you can gain an immediate advantage against anyone you face.

• Use the stick and move approach to attacking we mentioned beforehand so you can wear down your foes and eventually defeat them after boosting your hero’s strength. That double damage booster is incredibly clutch when you’re looking to quickly wipe out the other team’s heroes. And of course, you should dash out of an enemy encounter that you’re about to lose and pick up some green HP minerals to stay in the fight.

4. Make it a Habit of Fulfilling Your Timed Objectives Before Anything Else

• The objectives you should prioritize fulfilling before anything else are the timed ones. Every day you log in for a new playthrough, complete all of your daily objectives first. The rewards you’ll gain from accomplishing those daily missions are plentiful, plus your daily objectives’ progress will go towards your weekly objectives’ progress.

• By completing all of your weekly objectives, you’ll end up earning even more useful items on the regular. Your overall progress will help you acquire even more goodies over time after completing certain battle rating, milestones, and event-based objectives. Take your time completing those three objectives since the first two have no time limit attached to them and the last one gives you a whole month to fulfill them.

5. Spend Your Units on Unlocking All the Available Heroes in the Shop Before Anything Else

Marvel Realm of Champions

Kabam Games, Inc.

• The most essential piece of currency this game gives you access to are units. Units can be acquired by completing an assorted lineup of objectives and simply by creating/hooking up with an alliance. There are a few notable Champions you can acquire within the store and the only way you can do that is by spending your units towards unlocking them.

• Be sure to rack up as many units as you can so you can eventually purchase all of those heroes. Once you’ve done that, pour all of your units into taking advantage of the limited time crate, other crates, and daily deals sales. You’ll also want to make sure each of your heroes’ gear slots isn’t overcrowded with too much gear. When you spot a weaker piece of gear, scrap it as soon as possible so you can use the gold acquired from it to improve your much stronger gear.

6. Tactical Retreat and Melee Positioning

• If your BODOK is healthy, don’t be afraid to concede the point when you feel like you’re going to lose a team fight anyway. You’ll trigger your allies’ respawn, and, even though the enemy has a chance to assault your BODOK, you’ll be there to defend and start building up damage on the enemy. When the assault ends, you’ll have a chance to heal using your BODOK’s healing aura, while your enemy will not. That headstart on damage improves your chances of winning the ensuing team fight.

• Walls are a valuable defensive tool. They provide angles of approach that let you get close to enemies while protected from their projectiles. Keep walls between you and your enemies when you can, and move along them until enemies are close enough to engage in combat with. Even when engaged with an enemy, try to position yourself so that you’re able to land attacks on your target while having a wall at your side to reduce the potential angles for other enemy projectile attacks.

• If you’re the only melee Champion on your team, you’ll likely be the first to engage enemies. Stay mobile and keep your movement unpredictable while staying around the maximum range of enemy abilities. Ducking in and out of range may cause enemies to attempt to hit you with abilities, which you may be able to avoid altogether or dash away from. Baiting enemy abilities in this way gives your team an opportunity to engage before those abilities recharge.

7. Ranged Posititing and Use Your Body is a Shield

• Learn the general ranges of champions so you’re able to stay just beyond their maximum range, then utilize light and heavy attacks as much as possible. Your heavy attack can be fired before an enemy is in range, and, if they are moving toward you, they’ll collide with your projectile. This is a great way to keep your maximum distance while still racking up damage on your foes.

• You can do a similar trick by anticipating when an enemy may pop out from behind a wall – time your shots so they hit the enemy as soon as they’re within your line-of-sight rather than starting to fire after they’re already there. Keep walls near you so you can quickly duck for cover while waiting for abilities to recharge.

• Projectiles collide with the first Champion they hit, so you’re able to protect allies by moving in between them and enemy fire. This is especially helpful when you’re healthy but an ally isn’t. This applies to protecting your BODOK as well – just be careful not to get knocked out after your BODOK has recovered or you won’t respawn for the full 20-second wait period.

8. Set & Spike and Evaluate Threats

• Coordination with your team makes a huge difference and can turn a seemingly unwinnable fight into a hard-fought-for victory. Some abilities, particularly those that produce controlling effects like Stun or Root, can be classified as “setup” abilities in that they make it easier for other abilities to land more effectively.

• Other abilities, particularly those that require channeling or aiming, can skyrocket in efficiency when paired with setup abilities. This is similar to a common play in volleyball where one team member volleys the ball up and into the perfect position for a second member to jump up and spike it down. These combinations are more effective than the sum of their parts and are an integral part of team strategies.

• Your dash is a powerful defensive tool, but it isn’t available all the time. Assess the enemy team for the biggest threats. For example, the ultimate “Gamma Bomb” ability found on Gauntlet Weapons for Hulk is a devastating area-of-effect Stun attack. However, it’s slow enough for you to dash out of range. If you ensure you have a dash available for when the enemy has a Gamma Bomb ready, you’ll dramatically improve your chances of dodging their assault and putting an end to their offensive sequence.

9. Map Control and Focus Firing

• Map control is when your team is covering the majority of the center area, usually because the enemy fears your assault and is turtled up near their BODOK. Controlling the area means control of the valuable health pickups and more options for positioning. Don’t give them up if you don’t have to. Aggressive and melee-focused strategies are effective at intimidating the enemy to retreat under the safety of their BODOK.

• Be sure to capitalize on the health pickups if you have map control. If you feel pressured to give it up, consider rotating as a team towards one side so you’re able to collect at least some of the health pickups available. Iron Legionnaire’s Flight ability provides such a high degree of mobility that he’s able to quickly collect pickups from behind enemy lines and return to his team without a scratch.

• Try to focus your team’s damage to drop a single enemy target quickly before finishing off the other two. If you’re able to get the first KO, you’ll create a huge three-versus-two advantage. An enemy with just one health point remaining is still able to deal full damage and use all of their abilities.

10. Turtling and The Pre-Fight Huddle

• Your BODOK can act as a fourth team member if enemies are in range, so consider staying back (aka “turtling,” like a turtle withdrawing into its shell) at the edge of the capture zone and let enemies come to you. This is helpful for ranged-focused teams or against melee-focused teams, as enemy melee Champions have a particularly difficult time reaching targets that are protected by their BODOK. You can’t stay turtled forever, plus you are prone to enemy area-of-effect attacks. You also forfeit map control, so don’t rely on turtling as a long-term strategy.

• It can be frustrating to pick apart enemies that are turtled up (especially if you’re a melee Champion), but the key is patience. Use walls as best you can to get as close as possible without being in line-of-sight, then make small pushes using any protective abilities (Hulk’s “Jade Rage” and Black Panther’s “Kinetic Shield”) as well as your melee attacks and offensive special abilities.

• After an attack or two, quickly get back behind cover to minimize any incoming enemy attacks and abilities. You’ll have map control, so make sure to grab any health recovery items as soon as they’re available. If you have any area-of-effect abilities, apply them liberally as the enemies’ position is heavily restricted while turtling.

• Right up until both teams arrive for the first time at the center area, you and your team have a few seconds time to assess your strengths and weaknesses as well as the enemies’. Choose your starting tactics based on your team composition as well as what you’re up against. If the enemy has an aggressive- or melee-focused team, stay back and make them come to you; conversely, if you’re the aggressor, start landing your attacks and abilities as soon as possible.

• Identify what their key strategies and setup moments will be so that your team can prepare to counter them. Look for abilities like Storm’s “Blizzard” that demand disruption or Sorcerer Supreme’s multiple area effects that demand spreading out. Each match is unique, so take the time you’re given as the match starts to adjust your tactics.

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