Monster Hunter Rise: Best Build for Every Monster

monster hunter rise best build

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Monster Hunter Rise has a ton of monsters new and old, and all of them have weaknesses and particularities with how they behave that you can exploit.

That’s why we’re here to help you develop the best build for every monster. Because of how many different weapons and armor skills the game has, there’s no one superior build for every monster. But some equipment and items are better for dealing with certain monsters than others.

Note: This article is a work in progress. It will continue to be updated as we learn more about the game.

Great Izuchi

Weakness: Lightning, Water, Poison, Paralysis, Sleep, Exhaust
Recommended Weapon: Long Sword, Lance, Insect Glaive, Sword & Shield, Dual Blades
Recommended Armor Skills: Any
Items: Any

The Great Izuchi is the first Large Monster you fight, so it’s naturally going to be a bit of a pushover. Pretty much any of the beginner-friendly weapons like the Long Sword and the Dual Blades will do you good. Weapons with wide slash attacks like the Long Sword are especially good because not only do they hit the Great Izuchi but also the two lesser Izuchi that make up its entourage.

Early on in your Monster Hunting career you won’t have to worry about elemental damage or status buildup. If you do want to take advantage of Great Izuchi’s weakness to Lightning, Water, Poison, Paralysis, Sleep or Exhaust, make sure to bring a weapon that hits multiple times in quick succession instead of the heavier weapons (with the exception of the Lance) because they’re better for building up status and elemental damage.


Weakness: Fire, Lightning, Ice, Poison, Exhaust
Recommended Weapon: Lance, Hammer, Gunlance, Charge Blade, Switchaxe
Recommended Armor Skills: Any
Items: Honey

Arzuros is weak to fire and lightning, but only when attacking its forelegs which are otherwise resistant to physical attacks. Ice is a little more forgiving as it deals extra damage to the foreleg, hind legs, and rear, but not as much as fire and lightning. The Lance can be really useful for targeting specific body parts. Otherwise poison and exhaust work really well.

Keep some honey on you when fighting Arzuros. When it does its grapple attack, it tosses you and then rams into you for big damage. But if you have honey in your inventory, it tosses you away but sits there and chows down on the honey leaving it vulnerable to attacks (especially ones that take a while to charge up like the Gulance’s Wyvern Fire or the Charge Blade’s Elemental Discharge).


Weakness: Fire, Lightning, Poison, Paralysis, Blast
Recommended Weapon: Sword & Shield, Light Bowgun, Dual Blades, Lance
Recommended Armor Skills: Fire Attack
Items: Sonic Bombs, Blastoad

Lagombi is weak to fire, but only on the head, upper half, and rear. It also had a pretty good weakness to fireblight on top of that. It’s weak to lightning as well, but only on the head. If you’re using non-elemental weapons, focus attacks on the rear.

Lagombi is susceptible to Sonic Bombs, which can be crafted from Screamer Pods. One tossed its way will flinch it, but one thrown while it’s sliding around will topple it. Lagombi likes to do two slide attacks in a row, giving you ample opportunity to toss a Sonic Bomb. It’s easier with the Sword & Shield since you can use items while it’s unsheathed unlike with other weapons. Sonic Bombs have no effect when enraged, however. You can also find Sonic Bombs in the Supply Box near the camp when the mission starts.

The landmines of the Light Bowgun might be useful for when Lagombi slides around. Try to find a Blastoad in the environment as well.


Weakness: Water
Recommended Weapon: Sword & Shield, Lance, Hammer, Hunting Horn

Kulu-Ya-Ku is susceptible to pretty much any element, but water especially so. It’s also decently weak to stun, blast and waterblight.

Kulu-Ya-Ku loves using small boulders to shield itself, but it will drop it if staggered or blinded so bring some Flash Pods (or craft some from flashing insects).


Weakness: Water, Lightning, Ice
Resistance: Fire
Recommended Weapon: Lance, Gunlance, Dual Blades, Sword & Shield

Aknosom is weak to water but only on its wings, tail and especially the legs. It’s also decently weak to waterblight. It’s weak to lightning as well on the crest, wing and legs. Ice is also effective but only on the legs. Note that the legs are resistant to non-elemental damage, especially ammo.

Use a lance or Gunlance to better target specific body parts as well as to block against it’s hard hitting slam attacks. Something more mobile like the Dual Blades or Sword & Shield also works well.


Weakness: Fire, Ice, Poison, Paralysis, Blast
Resistances: Water, Lightning
Recommended Weapons: Gunlance, Hammer, Long Sword, Sword & Shield, Light Bowgun
Armor Skills: Fire Attack

Barroth will toughen its monster parts with mud, but they can chip off easy with the Gunlance’s Shelling attacks. Just watch your sharpness.

Barroth will make a whistle sound when it’s about to charge, giving you the cue to respond with either a landmine with the Light Bowgun, a counter from the Lance or Gunlance, or an endemic life.

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