NBA 2K22: How to Fix Broadcast Cam Problem

2K NBA 2K22 Screen Shot

The early returns on NBA 2K22 have been mostly positive.

Fans seem to love the gameplay and functionality of most features. However, it’s 2021; Games and people are different, so there will almost always be an issue at launch.

Thankfully, this list isn’t as long as it has been in the past, and it appears 2K is at work trying to remedy a few problems.

In any case, there are a few workarounds for some of the more common issues with a few different modes.

How to Fix the Broadcast Cam Issue in NBA 2K22: MyNBA

If you’re a MyNBA fan, there is a decent chance you use broadcast cam in your games. It used to be the default camera, and if you’ve been sports gaming for more than a decade, you probably grew up on that view.

Unfortunately, NBA 2K22 is currently experiencing some difficulties allowing users to use broadcast cam in MyNBA. Thankfully, the hardworking 2K community has already found a workaround. I’ve been told 2K is at work restoring the access to broadcast cam, but in the meantime, here is a fix from NBA 2K mod community member TGsoGood.

It is good to see the camera still accessible. The fact that the camera can be located by working the player-lock trick should give confidence to users who want 2K to simply restore it to conventional access.

Anklebreakers are Kicking Users Offline

Does NBA 2K22 not like anklebreakers? I’m being facetious. There is something about the animation or the action that triggers them, that was freaking the game out.

The issue was resulting in crashes for some user. Mike “Beluba” Wang took to Twitter to address this issue assuring fans that the problem should be fixed after a patch that was deployed on Saturday morning.

2K support and the dev team seem to be working well together this year. Issues have been resolved expediently, and the communication has been strong. Over the past 5-7 years, that is where the publisher has begun to slip.

We saw some strides made in this area last year, but the game itself had some holes from a functionality and fun standpoint. Could the stars be aligning for all sides this year? It looks like it.

Are Users Concerned About the Game Changing in Future Updates

There have been times in the past when 2K’s gameplay has been in a decent spot, but online complainers have seemingly influenced the dev team to make changes.

It doesn’t appear as though that will be the case this year. As appreciation for the game continues to come through, Wang answered a fan on Twitter and assured him the gameplay wouldn’t be changing for the “foreseeable future.”


This is great news and NBA2K22 looks primed to continue what has been a strong year of sports video games overall.

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