NBA 2K22: Are Jet Packs Coming to The City?

2K NBA 2K22 Screen Shot

If you have been playing NBA 2K for a few years, you may remember jet packs being in the Neighborhood back NBA 2K17.

It appears the motorized backpacks might be coming back. Several popular 2K-related Twitter accounts posted images from PC users who appeared to have jet packs.

There are times when digging in the files of the PC version of the game can lead to uncovering upcoming additions to a game. That might be the case here with NBA 2K22.

The PC version of NBA 2K22 is essentially the same as current-gen, but you would think that something this potentially high-profile would also be available on the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. While this is a cool feature, that are some potential impediments for this kind of an addition.

Are Jet Packs Good for the Stability of the City or Cruise Ship?

The NBA 2K Reddit account posted this interesting question after seeing the image of the jet packs:

Stability in the City or Neighborhood has been an issue with previous versions of NBA 2K, and to a lesser degree NBA 2K22.

It’s natural to be skeptical about anything that threatens the functionality of a game that most users seem to be happy with in the early going. The constant message from the 2K community has been don’t change anything about the gameplay.

While you would think something like jet packs would be entirely separate from gameplay, users might be surprised to find out how seemingly unrelated aspects of the game affect performance.

Still No Gameplay Adjustments, or Are They Creeping In?

For the most part, it appears the gameplay has remained untouched through a little more than a week of the game being available through retailers. Here is what 2K said about their most recent update, patch 1.4:

  • Additional stability improvements in an ongoing effort to improve your user experience.
  • Fixed issues where some users were unable to progress in select MyCAREER storylines.
  • The Gatorade Private Courts reservation menu will now reliably display your friends list.
  • Fixed just prior to this patch: Users should have already noted improved responsiveness on Squad Invites and newly improved performance in Rec/Pro-Am experiences.


Our next PS5/XBX patch, scheduled for next week, will bring continued stability improvements, improved loading speeds when re-entering the City, removed/reduced hitching when on vehicles on Series X consoles, removing tipping from DJ Booths when propped near Quest NPCs, and more.

Still, there are some questions about the shooting.

I wouldn’t call these complaints, but Power of the popular DF clan wondered aloud if the rest of the community is seeing more white releases aka full bars going in.

At the time of the posting of this article, it seems the results of the poll are 50/50, which probably means it’s all in our heads.

It’s funny, my son and I were just discussing this same thing earlier in the day. We believe it is a product of the dev team trying to create a more balanced experience. The game seems to reward users taking open shots and thereby being a little more lenient on shot timing if the shot is a good one.

Just to be sure, I reached out to 2K for confirmation on the topic. Once a response comes, I’ll update this article with the final information.

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