NBA 2K22: Mike Wang Gives Dribbling, Shooting, Badges and Defense Details


It seemed pretty clear, NBA 2K22‘s executive producer of gameplay, Mike Wang was chomping at the bit to share information about this year’s game.

Shortly after the information associated with gameplay was released via a Courtside Report, Wang took to Twitter to answer questions from fans. When dealing with the 2K community, that’s always a risky deal, but we got some solid information from Wang’s willingness to speak with 2K fans.

Mike Wang Shares Details on Dribbling in NBA 2K22

One of the most important aspects of offensive gameplay in NBA 2K22 is the dribbling engine. While a good amount of information was covered in the gameplay blog, some 2K users had more questions for Wang.

The new Hyperdrive mechanic? Is it used for speed with the ball?

The Hyperdrive function enhances the speed of every move performed with the right stick, which would include in-and-outs, crossovers, chicken wraps and more. It should be interesting to see how this functions with a player like Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic who presumably won’t have a ton of running speed, but should have plenty of wiggle off the dribble.

Per Wang, the Signature Sizeups are divided into two categories.

My hope is that this slight enhancement from Basic Sizeups result in players looking and feeling more diverse during gameplay.

The best ballhandlers in 2K always need a certain handle rating to unlock most of the effective animations. According to Wang, that threshold for enhanced dribbles is an 85.

You can bet that will be perhaps the first attribute all guards seek to build with their MyPlayers. If you were hoping to see the demigods return, it isn’t happening, at least not as it was in previous versions of 2K. There is still a height cap on certain dribble moves.

I understand this limitation, but I must say, there is something in me that wishes you could still make a MyPlayer like this for non-competitive gameplay.

The PARK handles were a hit for some non-sim 2K players years back, but according to 2K, they didn’t play well with the “core dribble moves.”

Per Wang, that’s still the case thus they won’t be returning in 2K22.

You can read as much as you’d like about dribble moves, but as much as any aspect of the game, you won’t know how good it is until you’ve felt the system with the controller in your hands.

Mike Wang Explains Impact of Some New NBA 2K22 Badges

Badges in 2K are huge. It’s especially important for the competitive gamers with MyTeam, PARK and Pro-Am communities.

One of the newest badges is Glue Hands. Wang explained the badge:

I like the quality of a player’s hands being a thing in 2K, but I’ve always felt that it should be used a bit more in association with bigs playing in the paint for rebounds and tough catches in traffic.

This doesn’t sound as if it will enhance or impact that part of the game.

Another new badge that is drawing some attention is the Chef. Wang gave some detailed info on how this ode to Steph Curry works.

Quite a few badges have been removed from the 2K22. Wang lists all of the badges that will not appear in the new game.

Mike Wang Talks Shooting in NBA 2K22

Defense might win championships, but scoring and shooting sells tickets and video games. Wang talked about the ability to make middies and fades viable aspects of gameplay in 2K22.

With players like Ja Morant, Trae Young and of course, Chris Paul using the mid-range and floater game as key weapons this past season and in the playoffs, it makes sense for 2K to ensure this piece of the offensive puzzle be a focus.

Dunks will have a shot meter in 2K22 and Wang explains the make-or-miss dynamic.

I like adding a skill element to every part of the game although the ratings will still allow certain players to be more successful in favorable situations.

Unfortunately, not everyone will elect to use the Pro Stick for dunks.

I hated that three-point attempts had a slower release in NBA 2K21. Thankfully, according to Wang, that won’t be the case in 2K22. However, I do like that fatigue, which is something that is very important, is a factor in shot speed.

The spin dunk with the animation that started at the 3-point line is gone. Thank goodness.

Of all the questions Wang received, this one from popular YouTuber Power DF might have been the best. Power asked Wang for clarification on the workings of the shot meter, and this is an answer you’re going to want to take note of and refer to moving forward.

This should clear up a lot of confusion, unless experiences from gamers prove to be contrasting to this rather black-and-white description.

Mike Wang Talks NBA 2K22 Speed Glitch

A popular exploit in previous versions of 2K has been the speed glitch. Per Wang, it is gone.

Mike Wang Talks Defensive Fixes in NBA 2K22

According to the Courtside Report, defense will be a major focus in 2K22’s gameplay. Here Wang discusses the important, but often overlooked contest system.

How many times have you been playing 2K and swear you’ve gotten a solid contest on a jump shot and the on-screen display says “25% contested,” and you’re like, “what?!?” Yeah, let’s hope that’s a thing of the past, or at least greatly improved.

The “Menace” badge sounds like it could be the new must-have badge for locks in the game.

I’d love to know the breakdown for the tiers. What does Hall-of-Fame Menace look like compared to Bronze Menace?

The bump steals are actually a part of the meta for players who have learned 2K’s animations and tendencies. In 2K22, according to Wang, getting pilfers will depend a lot more on the steal rating of the defender.

For the past few weeks, I’ve have some growing worry about the complete 2K22 package. I’m not entirely sure how it’ll all come together, but based on the gameplay blog and some of this information, my mind is more at ease.

We’ll all find out for sure on September 10. Be on the lookout for the full review soon.

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