NBA 2K22: Minor Badge Update Could Have Major Impact on Gameplay

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For the past few weeks, 2K has stressed to its community, it isn’t changing anything associated with gameplay. On Thursday, they announced a minor change to gameplay. Before you get too up in arms, this alteration of the effectiveness of a few badges does seem to make sense. While it has been referred to as a “minor” change, it could have a major impact on gameplay.

Here is 2K’s executive gameplay producer Mike Wang adding some perspective to the original tweet that came from the official NBA 2K Twitter account:

How Will the Nerf and Buff of Badges Impact Gameplay?

Defense in NBA 2K22 is vastly improved. However, you may have heard a few 2K players complaining about how easy it has been for defenders to steal the ball in this year’s game. The outcries have been especially loud from gamers who believe characters with the Unpluckable badge should be a little more resistant to players spamming the steal button.

Clearly, 2K heard your complaints and on the strength of this–and hopefully some testing–the dev team has decided to give Unpluckable dribblers a little buff. If this update works as planned, the elite dribblers should have a little more freedom without worrying about being picked as often. Quite honestly, some of these “issues” are due to player’s inability to adjust to a changing meta. While getting steals has been easier in this year’s game, the primary remedy for the problem is ball movement and limiting overdribbling.

Unfortunately for most players, pounding the virtual rock is what gives them the most satisfaction. It’s a video game, so 2K has to buckle a little to these demands. Hopefully, it’s not too much.

Twitter Reacts to the Latest NBA 2K22 Update

As usual, the 2K community can never agree on anything.

Several NBA 2K League players and prominent members of the 2K universe chimed in on Twitter after Wang and the 2K account’s tweets. FAB, a member of Cavs Legion GC, took the opportunity to inform 2K that the Limitless Range aka Range Extender ability simply isn’t working.

A 2K player, who has no league affiliation decided to challenge him on it, only to have Splashy (literally one of the best 2K players on the planet and a member of Jazz Gaming) second FAB’s take. It’s probably a safe bet to go with FAB and Splashy on this one.

Choc, another 2K leaguer, is worried this change will hurt what has been an enjoyable gaming experience.

Choc tweeted:

I second that notion. Too much effort to perfect something that will never be universally classified as perfect is a quick way to ruin said thing. Pinky, doesn’t agree with Choc as she considers the gameplay flawed.

2K Influencer IPod King Carter is happy he won’t be getting ripped as often by guards. IKC almost always runs with a big man build:

This is a tough one to straighten out so close to the recent update. Let’s all hope Choc’s fears don’t become a reality.

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