NBA 2K22: 5 Tips to Get the Most From Your MyPlayer Build

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The release of NBA 2K22 on September 10 means millions of gamers are now working on their MyPlayer builds.

Each year brings a different meta, and with defense and balanced archetypes as a major focus, there are some specific things you’re going to want to hone in on when building your MyPlayers.

In the early hours of my review of the game, here are 5 things I’ve noticed which have also been co-signed by others in the 2K community.

Play a Few Play Now Online Games With Different

If you’re primarily a PARK, Pro-Am and MyCareer player, there is a good chance you almost never play with the actual NBA teams.

This isn’t a recommendation for you to change up your approach for the long haul, but NBA 2K22 plays differently than previous versions. To get a handle of the balance and how different sizes and archetypes can gain an advantage, you might need to see NBA players with similar skill sets in the game.

Kyrie Irving, Steph Curry, Zach LaVine, Nikola Vucevic, and a few other NBA players have attributes that be helpful when you’re deciding what kind of player you want to use in The City or Neighborhood.

It won’t be an apples-to-apples comparison, but playing in a traditional head-to-head game is a good way to get a feel for 2K22.

Play Your G League, College and Brickley’s Games

Many MyCareer players are impatient. They want to dive right into their NBA careers rather than going through the process of playing in college, G-League or the Brickley Games. That would be a mistake and a wasted opportunity to earn all of the available boosts.

NBA 2K gameplay producer Zach Timmerman explains the value of doing all three options for your MyPlayer.

This should be the standard first few MyPlayer experiences for everyone trying to get the most out of their character.

Prioritize the Gym Rat Badge

Few, if any badges in NBA 2K22 will impact more aspects of your MyPlayer’s abilities than Gym Rat. The badge offers a significant boost to stamina, strength, speed, and vertical.

Obviously, there are builds that are less dependent on the physical attributes and are built more on skill–at least on the offensive side–but every player should want to maximize their wind, power, quickness and hops.

Understand the 3-Point Shooting Ratings

To some degree, the rush to raise your three-point rating in MyCareer has been overblown for some time. In NBA 2K22, if you can get your three-point attributes to 83-85, you’ll have enough weight in that area to consistently sink deep shots–as long as you master your jump shot animation.

If you’re trying to create a versatile build but nervous about sacrificing a three-point rating in the 90s, don’t sweat it. The Ronald-Reagan-era three-point marks will do just fine.

Understand the Dunk Ratings

Dunking has changed a bit in NBA 2K22. There is a dunk meter that will throw you off the first few times you see it, but it is pretty simple once you get the hang of it.

When you’re building a MyPlayer that you want to be effective at finishing above the rim, you’re going to want to shoot for a 92 dunk rating. This opens up the most favorable dunking badges and will ensure you can also use the best animation packages for finishes.

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