Pokemon GO GO Beyond: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

pokemon go go beyond

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Starting the week of November 30, 2020, Niantic will launch its first branded update to Pokemon GO, GO Beyond, adding the most changes since the introduction of Team GO Rocket battles.

With the update, the level cap is increasing, seasons are coming and PvP is getting an update.

In addition, Pokemon from the Kalos region will be added to the game soon. And starting today, you’ll be able to celebrate with the 12 days of Friendship.

Niantic invited Heavy to a press briefing to get a look at what’s happening for the GO Beyond update.

Here’s everything you need to know.

1. The Level Cap Is Increasing from 40 to 50

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Players at level 40 will soon be able to level up to level 50, in a move that Niantic hopes that this will bring in veterans and new players alike.

To raise your level beyond 40, you’ll not only have to earn XP but complete certain tasks in a manner similar to completing a Special Research quest from what we could see during the briefing.

According to the developers, your current XP will count toward the XP required to advance your level beyond level 40.

fortyseven communications

For level 41 you’ll need to catch a high number of Pokemon in a single day.

For level 42, you’ll need to evolve Eevee into each of its evolutions and use certain evolution items on Pokemon.

For level 43, you’ll need to complete Gym Battles and Raid Battles as well as earn Platinum medals. One platinum medal tasks you with completing 150 Kanto Pokedex entries.

For level 44, you’ll need to battle other trainers.

For level 45, you have to beat Team GO Rocket villains.

For level 46, you’ll need to complete Field Research tasks, hatch Eggs and take GO Snapshots.

For level 47, you’ll need to win Raids while using specific Pokemon.

For level 48, you’ll need to walk with your Buddy Pokemon and collect Souvenirs.

For level 49, you’ll need to send gifts and get Lucky Pokemon through trades.

Finally for level 50, you need to make excellent throws, catch Legendary Pokemon and defeat Team GO Rocket leaders with Pokemon under 1,500 CP.

Pokemon will be able to level up beyond level 40 as well, and their stats will raise accordingly according to the developers. However, you’ll need Candy XL to do it. You can get Candy XL by catching Pokemon or converting and combining Candy into Candy XL among other methods that will be revealed at a later time. The developers also said that the formula for calculating CP won’t change as you level up beyond level 40; the multiplier will just increase. And unlike with Mega Energy, the CP increase from Candy XL will be pernament, according to the developers. You also need Stardust in addition to Candy XL to level up Pokemon past level 40. The cost of XL Candy as you raise a Pokemon level past level 40 will be similar to the cost of Candy for raising Pokemon close to level 40.

Level 40 players in Australia will be able to participate in an early test of the feature.

For players below level 40, Niantic is promising adjustments to the ways players earn XP to make leveling up easier. Starting November 30, players will earn more XP from catching Pokemon, evolving Pokemon, hatching eggs, registering new Pokedex entries, and more, with some bonuses earning you twice the XP as before.

Starting November 18, you’ll earn double catch XP until the end of the year. There will also be a Timed Research quest to help players out.

This is especially important because players who reach level 40 before December 31, 2020 will earn the title of Legacy 40 Trainer and earn exclusive rewards like Timed Research that grant an exclusive Gyarados Hat avatar item and a special Legacy 40 medal.

2. Pokemon Spawns Will Change with the Seasons

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Pokemon GO will get a new season every three months, just like the real world.

Different Pokemon will appear more often in the wild, in eggs and Raids depending on the season. Seasons in different hemispheres will affect different the encounter rates of different Pokemon. The first season in the northern hemisphere will be the winter season while the first season in the southern hemisphere will be the summer season where Pokemon like Burmy and Darumaka will be more common. The forms of Deerling will change depending the season as well. In-game events will be themed around the season.

In addition, different Mega-Evolved Pokemon will appear each season. Not only that, but certain Mega-Evolved Pokemon will have a higher CP and be easier to use during certain seasons.

Weather will still have an impact on the spawn rates of certain Pokemon and will work in tandem with seasons, according to the developers.

Pokemon GO Product Manager Philip La said that there will be no power bonuses for certain Pokemon in Raids or Gym Battles depending on the season like with weather bonuses.

The first season will begin with the Season of Celebration on December 1, 2020 at 8:00 a.m. local time. The season will see players participating in in-game events involving Pokemon from different regions, including Pokemon from the Kalos region.

3. PvP Is Getting More Ranks, Longer Seasons

With the addition of seasons, the GO Battle League is getting an update as well.

The number of ranks will increase from 10 to 24. More ranks means more exclusive rewards. One of the developers said while they haven’t finalized the rewards for the seasons quite yet, multiple Elite TMs per season are on the table.

The GO Battle League will happen along with the seasons, with them rotating on the same three-month schedule. The rewards will be themed to the season as well.

4. Pokemon from Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Are Coming by the End of the Year

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Starting December 2, 2020, Pokemon from the Kalos region, the setting for Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, will be added to the game.

Here’s a list of all the Kalos Pokemon that will appear in the wild and in eggs at that time:

● Chespin
● Quilladin
● Chesnaught
● Fennekin
● Braixen
● Delphox
● Froakie
● Frogadier
● Greninja
● Bunnelby
● Diggersby
● Fletchling
● Fletchinder
● Talonflame
● Litleo
● Pyroar
● Klefki (Region Exclusive for France)

An in-game event from December 2 to 8 will see these Pokemon appear more often in the wild.

Niantic also teased that a Pokemon appearing in one-star Raids, but didn’t say which one.

5. Celebrate with the 12 Days of Friendship Event

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From November 18 to 30, players can participate in the 12 Days of Friendship event.

During this time, doing things with friends will raise friendship levels more. You’ll also earn increased CP from completing raids and you can open more Gifts each day.

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