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11 Best Xbox Series X Accessories to Buy

All gamers know that getting a new console into your home is just the beginning. You’re going to eventually need new games, controllers, and a variety of other add-ons. With our Best Xbox Series X Accessories list, we’ve got you covered on all the things you need to get your gaming to the next level.

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Xbox Series X Controller Charger

One of the most sought after accessories that console owners look for is an Xbox Series X controller charger. For whatever reason, Microsoft is still designing its Xbox Core controllers to be powered by AA batteries rather than an internal rechargeable battery. 

This is easily remedied with the official Xbox Recharge Battery. It serves as a fantastic Xbox Series X controller charger. It comes with a USB-C cable so that you can plug it into your system and continue playing even if your battery dies on you. You'll get a full charge in under 4 hours. And it pairs nicely with the PowerA Charge Stand we listed above. 

Xbox Series X Remote

Microsoft did a fantastic job of turning their line of consoles into media centers for your home. All the apps that you know and love are readily available on their platform, and they're much easier to surf though if you have an Xbox Series X remote

It's far less cumbersome than navigating through menus on a game controller. The remote has motion-activated backlighting so that you can easily see its buttons in the dark. It's officially licensed by Xbox. And it's pretty inexpensive too. 

Xbox Series S Accessories

Because of how drastically different the two sibling consoles are, Xbox Series S accessories may not necessarily be compatible with the Xbox Series X. Things like Xbox Series S cooling stands, Xbox Series S carrying cases, and Xbox Series S vertical stands are all specifically designed with the Series S' dimensions. So be sure you're getting things that that, ensure that you're searching specifically for Xbox Series S accessories.

However, the more common Xbox Series X accessories out there, like your Series X controllers, Series X rechargeable batteries, and Series X remote, will work flawlessly on your Xbox Series S.