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All around the world, people are waking up to the reality that they can lead happier, freer and more fulfilling lives by downsizing their possessions. Often times this realization includes the entire home, and you may have a strong desire to downsize. The Tiny House Movement has really taken off in recent years and tiny homes are a viable option for many single people and even families looking to simplify. eBooks fit right in with the Tiny House lifestyle. They are inexpensive, simple, and extremely portable. If you are a tiny house enthusiast looking to expand your knowledge, get some great ideas and inspiration, check out innovative floor plans and designs, or just read a good story or two about tiny house builders, check out the eBooks in this list. These books cover small space living, floor plans and practical building advice, inspiring stories and the practical realities of tiny house life. Even better, at $9.99 and under these titles won’t take up any space on your tiny bookshelf!

1. ‘Build Your Own Tiny House with Sponsored Products & Build Plans for Your Tiny House (Builder Reveals Series)’ by Don Plenter

 'Build Your Own Tiny House with Sponsored Products & Build Plans for Your Tiny House (Builder Reveals Series)' by Don Plenter, tiny house ebook floor plans

This is a two-book set that includes build plans and construction details for tiny homes. The first title, “Build Your Own Tiny House,” is a 12 step action plan on how to construct a tiny house on a trailer. The book answers the question “How am I going to afford to build my tiny house from scratch?” It doesn’t do much good to downsize your life if you end up spending all of your savings or go into debt to finish your project. This book explains how you can use sponsored products to build your house for cheap, or even for free. It turns your tiny house project into a business that can save or even earn you money, both during the project and in the future.

The second book is ‘Build Plans for Your Tiny House That Won’t Break Your Budget.” This book includes practical construction drawings and plans for tiny home,s both on trailers and on solid ground. It is a practical resource for anyone who is ready to build or is looking for design inspiration.

Price: $9.99

Buy the Builder Reveals Series here.


  • Two book package
  • Good ideas for earning and saving money with your project
  • Excellent floor plans


  • Short books
  • No photos
  • No additional resources included

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2. ‘How to Live Well in a Small Space: 78 Small Space Ideas for Tiny House Living’ by Imogen Beckett

How to Live Well in a Small Space. 78 Small Space Ideas for Tiny House Living.: (tiny house living, tiny home living,small space living, small space organizing, small space big ideas, tiny homes,

How to live Well in a Small Space is a short and sweet ebook that is essentially about minimalism. If you are going to live in a tiny home, it becomes necessary to re-assess how much “stuff” you have and what you really need versus what creates unnecessary clutter in your home and mind.

This book is a good resource for anyone looking to simplify their life, even if you are not planning on moving into a tiny house right away. It goes through a home, room by room, and discusses choosing furniture, bringing new items into the home, getting rid of old or unused items, and taking into account your true needs versus sentimental attachment.

Price: $2.99

Buy How to Live Well in a Small Space here.


  • A quick read
  • Good for anyone interested in minimalism
  • Well organized


  • No images
  • Not very in depth
  • Some info is repetitive

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3. ‘Tiny Home Realities: The Other Side of the Coin’ by Mark Fontenot

 Tiny Home Realities: The Other Side of the Coin, tiny house living, tiny home ebook kindle for sale

Tiny Home Realities addresses some of the common questions that are often ignored by tiny home enthusiasts. It starts with a brief history of the Tiny Home Movement and then dives into the big questions: What’s so good about tiny houses anyway? What are the drawbacks to tiny living? What are additional concerns, and what is the true reality of this lifestyle?

Tiny homes are a great fantasy for many people but the realities of living in such a small space are not for everyone. It is also not practical in every city, town or state depending on zoning laws, weather, and more. It’s important to take the negative into consideration as well as the positive when making the decision to live in a tiny home.

Price: $2.99

Buy Tiny Home Realities here.


  • Gives a new perspective
  • Takes a realist attitude to tiny living
  • Also talks about the positive aspects


  • Very short
  • Focused on the negative
  • Mainly opinion with less facts

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4. ‘The Small House Book’ by Jay Shafer

the small house book jay shafer, tiny house, tiny house kindle ebook tiny home movement

Jay Shafer founded Four Lights Tiny House Company, and is well known among the tiny living community. This book is considered a classic and reveals the truth behind residential planning and why there is so much needless overbuilding in America, including how this relates to the mortgage crisis. He offers well built tiny homes as an affordable solution, and gives lots of practical advice for building your own tiny home. This book also includes step by step instructions and pictures for many of his tips and ideas.

Price: $9.99

Buy The Small House Book here.

Watch a tour of one of Jay’s tiny homes here:


  • Classic tiny house book
  • Well known author
  • Includes how to’s


  • Not a complete how to guide
  • Somewhat of a sales pitch for the author’s floor plans
  • Focuses only on trailer homes

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5. ‘The Tiny House Collection: Three Tiny House Books’ by J.R. Shepherd

 The Tiny House Collection: Three Tiny House Books [Kindle Edition] J.R. Shepherd (Author) tiny house living ebooks for sale, tiny best houses kindle book

The Tiny House Collection includes three valuable volumes: A Beginner’s Guide To Living Small, Tiny House Basics, and The Tiny House Lifestyle. A Beginner’s Guide to Living Small focuses on all of the most basic info for tiny house novices – what are tiny homes, what are the advantages and different styles available, is it practical for me to get a tiny house?

Tiny House Basics goes into more detail about what it really means to live small, and The Tiny House Lifestyle is a robust discussion on minimalism, living with less, and reducing clutter in home and mind. These books together form a solid introduction for the tiny-curious and anyone looking to learn more about living small.

Price: $4.99

Buy The Tiny House Collection: Three Tiny House Books here.


  • Good practical advice
  • Solid introduction to tiny living
  • Well written


  • Not a lot of new info
  • Similar opinions can be found online
  • Somewhat repetitive/li>

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