PHOTOS: Hydro Grow Extreme 84XPRO LED Grow Lights

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Side view 2 - Hydro Grow Extreme 84XPRO LED Grow Lights

To purchase the Hydro Grow Extreme 84XPRO LED Grow Lights click here.

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The Hydro Grow Extreme is a great option for slightly smaller grow areas. It covers a 2′ x 2′ area and puts out 400 Watts worth of light while only consuming 180W of electricity. This light contains 84 3 Watt LEDS, and provides fast growth for your plants from seed through flowering stages. This light can help increase yields on smaller systems and produce very dense vegetation. Hydro Grow also sells 600W (Price: $795), 1000W (Price: $1,795) lights for larger gardens or grow tents.

Price: $575

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