Top 10 Best Organic Seeds for Vegetable Gardens

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Why choose organic seeds for your vegetable garden?
Organic gardeners feel that nature knows best, and that soil health is just as important as plant yields and weed control. Soil is an integral part of gardening, providing the necessary nutrients that your vegetables need to grow, so taking good care of the soil means taking good care of the plants. To get the best vegetables, you want to start off with the best seeds and organic seeds come from plants grown healthy soil that has not been spoiled by chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

Organic Vs. Conventional: The nutritive value of organic vegetables is much higher than commercially grown crops. They have higher vitamin and mineral content, and heirloom organic varieties are known to be much more nutritious than commercial hybrid varieties. This is because hybrids have been specifically bred to be able to sit on a grocery store shelf for days at a time. This breeding removes a lot of the vital nutrients that are still found in organically grown varieties.

By growing organic vegetables, you are not only supporting your own health and that of your local ecosystem, but you are taking business away from the companies that produce harmful chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Organic gardening gives you a chance to vote with your dollars and take a stand against the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers in farming.

1. Mountain Valley Seed Company

Mountain Valley Seed Company is a seed distributor with consistently high reviews that offers hundreds of varieties of vegetables, fruits and herbs for your garden. They sell both mixed kits and bulk seeds, and reviewers noted that they have high germination rates and a lot of customer satisfaction. They have seeds for everything from beans, peas and watermelon to more unusual varieties like purple basil and kohlrabi.

Price: $8.54 and up depending on seed

Buy Mountain Valley Seed Company Seeds here.


  • Lots of seed varieties to choose from
  • High germination rates
  • Highly reviewed


  • Not a lot of volume of reviews
  • Not packaged for long term storage
  • Individual seeds are only sold in bulk sizes

Find more Mountain Valley Seed Company information and reviews here.

2. Seedsheet Grow Your Own Garden

 Seedsheet Grow Your Own Tacos Garden, Pre-seeded, Organic, nonGMO, Recipe Garden Kit

Seedsheet seed kits take all of the work out of having a small veggie garden in your home or apartment. They consist of dissolvabe seed pouches placed in weed-blocking fabric that you just place on top of potting soil and water. That’s it! The Seedsheet is sized to fit inside of a 5 gallon bucket or a 12″ pot. They also sell full kits with fabric planters, potting soil, and water collection saucers included. You can choose from multiple kits: the Cocktail Kit includes herbs like basil and fennel and veggies like celery and peas; the Hot Sauce Kit includes peppers, carrots and onions; the Salad Kit includes different types of lettuces plus pea shoots and radish; and the Taco kit includes cilantro, radishes, scallions and different lettuces.

Price: $14.99 for seed kits, $49.99 for full kits

Buy Seedsheet Grow Your Own Gardens here.


  • Grow herbs and veggies in one pot
  • Good for beginners
  • Choose seed kits or full kits with soil and pot


  • Not very high yield
  • Full kits are expensive
  • Does not list what dissolvable packet is made out of

Find more Seedsheet Grow Your Own Gardens information and reviews here.

3. Nature’s Blossom Vegetable Growing Kit

 Grow 5 Unique Vegetables with Nature's Blossom Veg Growing Kit. Cool Gift Idea for Men, Women and kids.

This kit from Nature’s Blossom is great for beginners or as a gift for anyone who is starting their first garden. This kit includes seeds for five unusual vegetables – purple carrot, black corn, rainbow chard, lemon cucumber and romanesco broccoli. In addition to seeds it includes an instruction manual, biodegradable seed starting pots, peat moss pellets, and plant markers. With this kit you can start your vegetable garden within minutes of opening the box!

Price: $19.97

Buy the Nature’s Blossom Vegetable Growing Kit here.


  • Very easy to start a garden with this kit
  • Includes cool varieties of common vegetables
  • Makes a great gift


  • Relatively expensive for the number of seeds
  • Some may not like the unusual vegetable selection
  • Unknown whether the planting pots are made of organic material

Find more Nature’s Blossom information and reviews here.

4. Window Garden Organic Vegetable Grow Kit

 Window Garden Organic Tomato Grow Kit - Easy To Grow Vegetable Seed Kit, Includes a 10 Cavity Mini Greenhouse, Fiber Soil Seed Starters and Non GMO Organic Seeds. Great Gift for Men, Women and Kids.

Grow kits by Window Garden are specific to an individual vegetable for each kit. They have multiple kits to choose from including tomato, cucumber, peppers, cherry tomatoes, rainbow chard, microgreens, wheatgrass, an herb mix and more. Each convenient kit includes seeds, growing instructions, mini greenhouse, and fiber soil direct seed starters to make transplanting easy.

Price: $9.99

Shop Window Garden Organic Vegetable Grow Kits here.


  • Includes everything you need for the seed starting and transplanting stages
  • Lots of non-GMO, organic seed kits to choose from
  • Fits on a windowsill


  • Does not say how many seeds are included
  • Greenhouse is made of plastic and may off-gas
  • Does not say what material the seed starter pods are made of

Find more Window Garden Organic Vegetable Grow Kit pack information and reviews here.

5. Sproutbrite Heirloom Vegetable Seed Kit For Home Gardening

 Sproutbrite Heirloom Vegetable Seed Kit For Home Gardening Including 10 Easy To Grow Varieties Of Non Gmo Open Pollinated Seeds

If you want a seed kit with more varieties for a fuller vegetable garden, Sproutbrite kits are a great choice. These lovely kits come with 10 varieties of organic seeds including common favorites such as tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, radish, lettuce, peppers and more. The seeds are packaged in cute little canisters so you do not have to worry about any plastic materials touching them. The kits also come with a well designed insert that includes planting calendars and planting guides for your veggies. Sproutbrite also sells an herb kit as well as a wildflower kit. I received a sample of each kit to try out and i really loved how you can store extra seeds in the resealable containers if you do not use them all at the same time. These kits would make awesome gifts as well.

Price: $22.99

Buy the Sproutbrite Heirloom Vegetable Seed Kit For Home Gardening here.


  • Larger selection than other kits
  • No plastic packaging
  • Very well designed and would make a great gift


  • No choice in varieties if you want to choose
  • Does not include planting materials
  • Not many reviews

Find more Sproutbrite information and reviews here.

6. Urban Produce Organic Microgreen Growing Kit

 Organic Microgreen Growing Kit - Value 4-Pack, Non-GMO, Nutrient Rich, Ready to eat in 5-7 days

If you want to grow microgreens, you can’t go wrong with this kit from Urban Produce. Microgreens are mini vegetable greens that are used in salads and as garnishes, and they are packed with loads of nutrition. Microgreens can also be continually harvested so you can get many rounds of greens from one kit. Each kit comes with four self contained growing trays and four sets of premeasured seed and soil, so you can grow all four types of seed at once or you can do them one at a time. The seed varieties included are arugula, kale and broccoli blend, red cabbage and radish.

Price: $19.95

Buy the Urban Produce Organic Microgreen Growing Kit here.


  • Four different microgreens included
  • Growing trays and potting soil included
  • Ready to eat in one week or less


  • Growing containers are made out of plastic
  • Not a very large volume of produce
  • Only one review

Find more Urban Produce information and reviews here.

7. Planter Pro’s Complete Organic Wheatgrass Kit

Planter Pro's Complete Organic Wheatgrass Kit

Wheatgrass is another easy to grow plant that is very nutritious and can be grownanywhere, fro your garden outside to an indoor table top or windowsill. This kit includes everything you need to start growing and harvesting your own wheatgrass for juice, with a 1lb bag of seeds, a USA grown cedar wood planter and compressed nutrient rich soil to plant your seeds in.

Price: $39.95

Buy the Planter Pro’s Complete Organic Wheatgrass Kit here.


  • Growing tray is USA grown cedar, not plastic
  • Very easy to grow and harvest
  • Comes with seed and growing medium


  • Only wheatgrass, no other produce included
  • Relatively expensive
  • Only enough soil medium for one grow

Find more Planter Pro’s Complete Organic Wheatgrass Kit information and reviews here.

8. Modern Sprout Indoor Herb Garden Kit

Modern Sprout Indoor Herb Garden Kit

This indoor herb garden kit from Modern Sprout was on Oprah’s Favorite Things list in 2015 because it makes growing herbs so simple and easy. the container that you grow your herbs in is designed to be self watering, so all you have to do is fill the jar and walk away! This kit includes three herbs, and you can choose from an Asian Inspired set, Cocktail herbs, Italian inspired herbs, or Kitchen herbs. Modern Sprout sells individual herb jars as well. Each kit includes a jar, growing medium, seeds and a wick to draw the moisture to the roots of the plants.

Price: $54

Buy the Modern Sprout Indoor Herb Garden Kit here.


  • Easy to use and maintenance free
  • Lots of different herbs to choose from/li>
  • Makes a nice gift


  • Vague about whether seeds are guaranteed to be organic
  • Very expensive
  • You cannot get matching color jars

Find more Modern Sprout Indoor Herb Garden Kit information and reviews here.

9. VisuaLingual Organic Seed Bombs with Slinger

VisuaLingual Organic Seed Bombs with Slinger

Seed bombs are a fun way to introduce gardening to newbies or to kids. They are balls of dirt rolled with seeds included that you can plant anywhere, from city sidewalks to your own backyard garden. This kit includes 10 seed bombs and a sling shot that you can use to shoot them wherever you want to plant them. Seed bombs are a fun way to spread biodiversity in your community, or to teach kids about gardening in a unique way. VisuaLingual also sells individual packs of seed bombs including herbs, greens and wildflowers.

Price: $14.99

Buy the VisuaLingual Organic Seed Bombs with Slinger here.


  • Fun activity for kids
  • Nice for urban gardens
  • Can be grown anywhere


  • Now way to know exactly how many seeds are included
  • No guarantee that seeds will germinate
  • Relatively expensive

Find more VisuaLingual pack information and reviews here.

10. Seeds Of Change Organic Seed Survival Kit

 Seeds Of Change Organic Seed Survival Kit

Seeds of Change is a wonderful seed company with a well earned respect in the gardening community. Their seeds are always certified organic, and they have hundreds of heirloom varieties to choose from. This survival seed kit includes 30 packets of popular and nutritious vegetable seeds. The seeds are all in hermetically sealed packets so that they can handle long term storage, and they are stored in a re-sealable two gallon bucket to keep your seeds fresh for many years. Each kit also includes an easy to understand, detailed gardening guide.

Price: $39.99

Buy the Seeds Of Change Organic Seed Survival Kit here.


  • Larger selection than most other kits
  • Seeds can be stored for many years
  • Re-sealable storage bucket


  • Storage container is plastic
  • No choice in seed varieties
  • Not many reviews

Find more Seeds of Change information and reviews here.

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