PHOTOS: Gled 10w Grow Light Bars Light Strip

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In a hydro system - Gled 10w Grow Light Bars Light Strip

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The Gled 10w light strip takes a different approach than heavy-duty lighting systems, providing full spectrum coverage in a small, flexible and versatile package. Each pack comes with 10W worth of lights, so you can buy as many kits as you need to get the best coverage for your garden. These lights are advance spectrum LED dual band lights much like larger LED grow lights, but are much easier to customize to odd sized systems or supplemental lighting on existing systems. It uses a wavelength of 660nm and 445nm light, which works for the entire lifecycle of the plant. Each light strip has over 20,000 hours of lifespan. The lights have an input voltage of 12 volts DC, and requires a 12 V adapter to use. This power supply is not included in the package.

Price: $29.81

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