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7 Best LED Grow Lights Under $100: Compare, Buy & Save (Updated!)

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Setting up your ow hydroponic system at home is an exciting project, giving you the possibility to grow your own produce and herbs at home. Unfortunately for beginners, it can be expensive to set up a new hydroponics system from scratch. In order to get started you have to buy seeds, lights, fans, timers, grow trays, growing medium, fertilizers and more. Keeping your budget in mind, it is possible to save money in the long run by investing in less expensive LED lights that last for years. In this article I will go over the best low-cost LED grow lights under $100 that are available for beginner growers to purchase. The list is organized by size, with the most powerful light in the #1 spot.


What Are The Best LED Grow Lights Under $100 Available in 2018?

AGLEX 1000W LED Grow Light Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 1000W
  • Wide spectrum for veg and flowering
  • Three year warranty
Price: $125.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
YGROW 600W Led Grow Light Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Runs cool 18 hours per day
  • Two year warranty
  • 600W
Price: $59.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Viparspectra 300W LED Grow Light Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 300W
  • Quiet running fans
  • Well established, trusted brand
Price: $79.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
OxyLED Flexible LED Grow Lights Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Flexible and waterproof
  • Three strips with 36 LEDs each
  • Modular and customizable
Price: $18.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Root Farm 45W Purpose LED Light Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 45W, good for seedlings or clones
  • Comes with stand
  • Also can be hung as supplemental light
Price: $99.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. AGLEX 1000W LED Grow Light

    • Very inexpensive for its size
    • Quiet running high speed fans
    • Wide band spectrum for all stages of plant growth
    • Adjsutable light spectrum for vegetative and flowering growth stages
    • New brand with not many reviews
    • Not dimmable
    • Not full spectrum

    This 1000W light from Aglex is a great deal for its size. 1000W lights usually cost many hundreds of dollars, but this budget brand will allow you to have a very powerful light at a lower cost. This grow light features individual 60 degree reflector cups around each LED in order to increase light intensity and coverage. It also has a wide band spectrum of 380nm to 780nm for all stages of plant growth. It can run formany hours at a time and stay cool thanks to high speed, quiet running internal fans. Best of all, it comes with a three year warranty and great customer service.

  2. 2. YGrow 600W Led Grow Light

    • Has internal fan as well as automatic shut-off at 95 degrees to prevent damage, runs cool up to 18 hours per day
    • Each individual LED has a 60 degree reflector cup
    • 600W full spectrum LEDs and does notlook purple when turned on
    • Only one spectrum for both veg and flower
    • Not dimmable
    • Not a true full spectrum

    This high quality 600W light from YGrow is a customer favorite. It features full spectrum LEDs and a uniform 3500K light that does not look purple when you turn it on. This light is suitable for both vegetative and flowering growth stages. It has a temperature controller installed inside of it that automatically shuts the light off if it reaches 95 degrees to avoid damage. It also has an internal fan to keep it cool even when running up to 18 hours per day. Each LED has a 60 degree reflector cup to increase light dissipation and strength without waste. This light also comes with a two year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.

  3. 3. Viparspectra 300W LED Grow Light

    • Each LED has individual reflectors
    • Internal fans are high speed and quiet running
    • Viparspectra is one of the top LED brands on the market today
    • Relatively expensive
    • Only one mode for both vegetative and flowering growth
    • Not dimmable

    Viparspectra is a leading brand in LEDs, and this 300W grow light is a great way to get a quality LED light on a budget. This reflector series grow light has reflectors around each individual LED to provide greater light doverage. It also has high speed, quiet running fans and aluminium heatsink to keep it running cool. This light is comparable to a 250W HPS light and can cover a two by two foot square area. Viparspectra lights come with a three year warranty as well as 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

  4. 4. OxyLED Flexible LED Grow Lights

    • Customizable to any size grow op
    • Easy to move and upgrade
    • Inexpensive to start and to add more lights
    • Less powerful than full set ups
    • You have to buy the power supply separate
    • Some reviewers mentioned cheap construction

    OxyLED grow light strips are good beginner lights because they are fully customizable. You can buy as many or as little as you need for your specific grow area, no matter how much or how little coverage you need. Each pack comes with three strips containing 36 LEDs each (nine blue, 27 red). The strips are waterproof and flexible, and have adhesive tape on the back and also come with cable ties for easy installation. You can purchase as many kits as needed to create a custom grow light. 

  5. 5. Root Farm 45W Purpose LED Light

    • Can be either hung or used with included stand
    • Great for seedlings and/or clones
    • Can be used as supplemental lighting in full sized garden
    • Not powerful enough for mature plants
    • No warranty
    • Relatively expensive

    This grow light from Root Farm is perfect for propagating seedlings or clones. This 45W light comes with a specially designed stand that allows you to have the light very close to baby plants without worrying about complicated hanging hardware. It can also be hung up as a supplemental light if that is what you need. This light has a blend of red, blue and white LEDs to provide the optimal spectrum for small plants.

LED grow lights are awesome for novice growers because they are so efficient with energy and can save you a lot of money in the long run. Traditional HID lighting creates a ton of heat and so you have to invest in high powered fans, which can be noisy and use up a lot of energy.

HID also uses much more energy overall than LED because the light diodes are not as efficient. LED grow lights to not wear out or decrease brightness over time so they do not have to be replaced like traditional grow lighting.

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