11 Best Wardian Cases & Terrariums for Sale: Your Easy Buying Guide (2019)

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Terrariums are lovely and timeless, and can add a special finishing touch to your home decor. They are incredibly popular right now, with designs ranging from classic Wardian Case terrariums that look like gorgeous antiques to modern geometric terrariums and even some that offer a little bit of both worlds.

Terrariums come in all shapes and sizes, from extra small boxes that can hold just one plant such as a small succulent, to tabletop versions, to extra large cases that can hold entire small gardens. Bringing plants into your home is one of the tried and true ways to liven up your space while also cleaning the air inside your home and improving your mood as well.

Terrariums are the most gorgeous way to bring some greenery inside your home. The best terrarium plants are easy to care for, don’t grow too large, and will add a sense of life to any room. This list contains all of our favorite terrariums, in all sizes and to fit every budget.

1. Best Victorian Style Terrariums: H Potter

h potter terrarium, wardian case, glass planter

When I picture a Wardian Case, I see something that looks just like these beautiful terrariums from H Potter. All of their models have a classic Victorian look to them that make you think back to the time when terrariums were first invented in order for wealthy English families to keep plants like orchids in their homes, even when the weather was cold and rainy outside.

H Potter has all of the style of authentic antique terrariums at a much lower cost, and they are not as fragile as antiques. H Potter terrariums range in size and price, from small, simple models to large, intricate cases.

These Wardian Cases are designed with a removable glass cloche top so that you can easily plant your terrarium without the need for special tools like long tweezers. The base on each H Potter terrarium is made of metal with a dark gray powder coat finish, and each model has a plastic liner to prevent leaks. They also feature hinged roof panels for ventilation and easy access.

H Potter also sells ready-made terrarium planting kits with everything you need to have a beautifully landscaped terrarium in no time. The kits come in small, medium and large sizes and include pea graven, activated charcoal and sphagnum moss. They also include complete planting instructions for foolproof assembly.

Price: $49.50 to $279 depending on size

Shop H Potter Terrariums here.


  • Large and small sizes offered
  • Beautiful antique style and easy to plant
  • Easy to put together with a lift-off glass case


  • Planting kit must be purchased separately
  • Plastic liner in base may degrade over time
  • Larger cases can be very expensive

Find more H Potter information and reviews here.

2. Best Art Deco Terrariums: LeadHead Glass

leadhead glass detroit terrariums, wardian case

LeadHead Glass is a shop featured on Amazon Handmade from Detroit. They take reclaimed glass and wood from deconstructed homes in Detroit and turn them into gorgeous and functional terrariums in the classic Wardian Case style.

Their terrariums are sleek and modern in design, and feature a lot of Art Deco styling. These terrariums are my personal favorite on this list, not only for their beautiful designs but for the story behind the artisans that create them.

Price: $111 to $288 depending on size

Shop LeadHead Glass Terrariums here.


  • Made of reclaimed materials
  • Gorgeous modern yet classic designs
  • 100% made by hand in the USA


  • No free shipping
  • Relatively expensive
  • Planting materials must be purchased separately

Find more LeadHead Glass information and reviews here.

3. Best Country Style Terrariums: Colonial Tin Works

 Click to open expanded view Colonial Tin Works Large Terrarium With Stand

The terrariums for sale by Colonial Tin Works have a lovely vintage style that is not as antique as some designers, or as strikingly modern as others. They fall within a nice middle ground that gives off a vintage charm while not looking like an antique.

I think that these terrariums would be right at home in any country house, and add a bit of charm to any decor. These affordable terrariums come in three sizes. The small and medium fit on top of a table, while the largest comes with its own stand.

Price: $26.76 to $151.04 depending on size

Shop Colonial Tin Works terrariums here.


  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Cute vintage country style
  • Choose from multiple sizes


  • Some reviewers found them to be smaller than expected
  • The soldering is not as well done as on more expensive terrariums
  • Must purchase all plants and decor separately

Find more Colonial Tin Works information and reviews here.

4. Best Terrarium Furniture: Southern Enterprises

Southern Enterprises Terrarium Tables

If you are looking for something very unique, these terrarium tables by Southern Enterprises are right up your alley. You can choose from many different sized tales from end tables to coffee tables and consoles.

Each table is constructed of silver and black distressed metal with a class terrarium container and glass top. The tables open from the front with a side hinge, so while you may not be ale to do a traditional rooted planting in these terrarium tables, they are perfect for potted plants.

They require assembly, but you can choose to purchase professional assembly when you check out.

Price: $147.48 to $484.91 depending on design, with free shipping

Buy the Southern Enterprises Terrarium Tables here.


  • Very unique and fits any decor
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • High quality construction


  • Requires assembly
  • Not good for rooted plantings, best for potted plants
  • May be difficult to clean

Find more Southern Enterprises information and reviews here.

5. Best Small Sized Terrariums: NCYP

ncyp terrarium, hanging terrarium, table top terrarium, geometric planter

NCYP designs lovely terrariums in geometric shapes that are small enough to fit on a table top. They also make smaller sized hanging terrariums that add a beautiful touch to every room. These terrariums are very affordable and come in all different shapes and sizes, from pentagons, diamonds, teardrops and house shapes to complex irregular polyhedral shapes.

Each terrarium has glass panels and one opening or a hinged lid that you can open to insert your plants and decorations. They are also a perfect size to use for holding candles.

Price: $14.98 to $49.90 depending on size and shape

Shop NCYP Terrariums here.


  • Both hanging and tabletop versions available
  • Very affordable
  • Tons of shapes to choose from


  • Very small size
  • Open lid designs do not hold moisture very well
  • Some reviewers thought they were cheaply made

Find more NCYP information and reviews here.

6. Best Handmade Terrariums: Waen

waen handmade terrarium

Waen is an Amazon Handmade shop based in Istanbul, Turkey. They create gorgeous, high quality and thoroughly modern terrariums in geometric shapes. Most f Wens terrariums are small to medium sized, perfect for side tables or accent pieces.

The shapes vary, including square, round, conical, and original geometric designs. The soldering on these terrariums is very thick and obviously durable. These terrariums are beautiful and strong enough to make family heirlooms for generations to come.

In the words of the artists behind Waen: “Our main inspiration comes from Archimedes’s Renaissance, where the ancient roots of complex geometric forms came alive once. We keep the spirit alive. ”

Price: $28 to $190 depending on size and shape

Shop Waen Terrariums here.


  • Very well constructed
  • Beautiful and original geometric designs
  • Can be used as candle holders or centerpieces as well


  • No free shipping
  • Models without hinged lids will not retain moisture as effectively
  • Relatively expensive

Find more Waen information and reviews here.

7. Best Inexpensive Terrarium: Home Ideas Pyramid Tabletop Terrarium

homeideas terrarium pyramind gold

Here is a simple and inexpensive tabletop terrarium from HomeIdeas. Most of the terrariums on this list are either black or brass colored, so this gold pyramid is a unique and lovely piece of home decor.

This terrarium is six inches square at the base and ten inches high, so it is perfect for a tabletop. There is one open panel to let air flow to your plants, making it great for succulents or even as a candle holder. If you want something cheap and stylish, you can’t go wrong with this terrarium.

Price: $28.99

Buy the HomeIdeas Terrarium here.


  • Also available in a smaller size
  • Very inexpensive
  • Lovely gold color


  • Not very large
  • Not as well constructed as more expensive terrariums
  • No free shipping

Find more HomeIdeas information and reviews here.

8. Best Geometric Terrariums: Leosklo

Leosklo terrarium

Leosklo is a family business on Amazon Handmade that is based in the Ukraine. They create gorgeous stained glass pieces as well as glass terrariums using Tiffany techniques.

Their terrariums range from more common shapes like envelope holders and geometric designs to truly unique shapes. They are relatively inexpensive as well, for such a high quality and beautiful end product.

Price: $39 to $106 depending on size and design

Shop Leosklo Terrariums here.

Watch an interview with the artists behind Leosklo here.


  • Complex and beautiful geometric designs
  • Works as candle holder, planter, or display case
  • Very well made and durable


  • No free shipping
  • Does not come in large sizes
  • No hinged covers means less moisture retention

Find more Leosklo information and reviews here.

9. Best High Tech Terrarium: biOrbAIR Automated Terrarium With LED Light

biOrbAIR Terrarium With LED Light

Here is a truly unique terrarium that uses technology to its advantage and makes caring for needy plants extremely easy. The biOrbAIR terrarium is a fully automatic electronic system equipped with humidity monitor, mister, LED lighting, automatic 24 hour controls and fully controlled lighting schedule for your plants.

This terrarium makes it easy to care for orchids and other plants that have very strict requirements for light and humidity. It has a futuristic look to it as well, with an acrylic orb that is 10x stronger than glass, 50% lighter and 93% clearer.

This is the ultimate terrarium for full automation and a unique, high tech style.

Price: $379 with free shipping

Buy the biOrbAIR Terrarium here.


  • Fully automatic LED lighting and humidity controls
  • Acrylic orb is clearer than glass
  • Unique modern style


  • Very expensive
  • Requires some assembly
  • You must purchase extra humidifying liquid

Find more biOrbAIR information and reviews here.

10. Best Plant Stand Terrarium: Panacea 32.5″H Terrarium Plant Stand with Copper Finish Insert & Shelf

Panacea 32.5"H Terrarium Plant Stand with Copper Finish Insert & Shelf

This plant stand has an elegant terrarium style modeled after traditional wardian cases. It has a solid steel welded frame and galvanized copper finished metal insert to hold your plants. There are two shelves, a top shelf for your plants and a bottom shelf for watering cans and other accessories. It does not have any glass, so this is best for regular house plants.

Price: $48.06

Buy the Panacea 32.5″H Terrarium Plant Stand with Copper Finish Insert & Shelf here.


  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Classic wardian case design
  • Good for indoor or outdoor use


  • Only one size
  • No glass
  • Some reviewers stated it is smaller than expected

Find more Panacea 32.5″H Terrarium Plant Stand with Copper Finish Insert & Shelf information and reviews here.

11. Best Modern Terrariums: Deco

deco terrarium hanging

Deco terrariums are modern and attractive but are not as expensive as others on this list. The hanging model is a hexagonal shape with a front opening hinged door, and measures five inches square by 14 inches tall. It would also make a lovely hanging candle holder.

The house shaped terrarium is a unique shape with a hinged rooftop door to allow easy access to your plants. This model measures six by five inches at the base and elven inches tall.

Price: $19.99 to $23.99 depending on style

Buy the Deco Hanging Terrarium here or the House Shaped Terrarium Here.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Original and stylish design
  • Hanging and table top options available


  • Not many styles to choose from
  • Not large enough for bigger plants
  • Some reviewers had items arrive damaged

Find more Deco Terrariums information and reviews here.

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