10 Best Potting Benches 2018: Which Is Right for Your Garden?

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If you love to garden, then you need to have a good potting bench in your yard. All gardeners need a place to get their plants ready for planting, to mix soil, to prune house plants, and to store their tools and materials. Potting benches are designed especially for the needs of gardeners, with a place for everything. You can either purchase a simple, minimalist potting bench with just shelves, or you can go all out and get a potting bench that has hooks for hanging tools, drawers or cabinets for storage, and even soil reservoirs to keep pre-mixed potting soil at your fingertips. Whether you are an experienced gardener with a large yard, or an urban gardener with a balcony full of potted plants, the right potting bench will make garden maintenance a breeze. As an added bonus, potting benches are stylish and gorgeous as a stand-alone piece of furniture as well. They can be used as buffets or drink tables at parties, or to house decorations and knick knacks inside your home.

In this article I am going to go over the best potting benches on the market in 2018. They range from simple, basic designs to large and complex pieces. I have included potting benches of multiple sizes and price ranges as well, so even if you are shopping on a tight budget there is a potting bench in this list for you!

1. Convenience Concepts Deluxe Potting Bench With Cabinet

This potting bench from Convenience Concepts has everything an experienced gardener needs. It features a full sized galvanized metal worktop with two added shelves – one smaller shelf above for and a deep shelf at floor level. There are three hooks on the side for hanging tools and a small drawer below the worktop. It also features a roomy, lockable cabinet with shelves inside for storing anything you want to keep safe or out of sight. You can choose between a natural fir or a light oak finish. This potting bench also comes in a “no cabinet” configuration, with just shelves underneath.

Price: $127.99

Buy the Convenience Concepts Deluxe Potting Bench With Cabinet here.


  • Plenty of storage space
  • Metal worktop is easy to clean
  • Choose between two finishes and two configurations


  • Unsealed, wood needs varnish for outdoor use
  • Some reviewers received broken parts
  • Does not come with lock for cabinet

Find more Convenience Concepts Deluxe Potting Bench With Cabinet information and reviews here.

2. Suncast Cedar Potting Bench

Your potting bench needs to be durable and weatherproof if you are going to store it outside in your yard. This potting bench from Suncast is made of Cedar wood, which is strong, durable and naturally weather resistant. You can also stain or paint it any color you prefer. This straightforward potting bench has multiple shelves and no extra frills, just plenty of space to store your tools and gardening materials. It is easy to assemble with the included hardware and is designed for durability and strength, with thick legs and shelves that will hold everything you need to garden in style.

Price: $179.99

Buy the Suncast Cedar Potting Bench here.


  • Cedar finish is naturally weatherproof
  • Durable and long lasting construction
  • Easy to assemble


  • Some reviewers had issues with canceled orders
  • Does not ship immediately
  • Requires tools and a second person to assemble

Find more Suncast Cedar Potting Bench information and reviews here.

3. Best Choice Products Potting Bench

Here is an inexpensive, simple potting bench that would be perfect for any gardener. This potting bench is made from solid fir and has a natural finish that is beautiful as-is or can be stained or painted. This simple potting bench has a natural charm with a lattice backsplash and simple, minimal design. The work top and lower shelf are mad of slatted wood for easy clean up, and there is also a smaller shelf up top for holding potted plants, tools or extra materials. In addition to the shelving, it has a side drawer for holding smaller items such as scissors, plant labels, etc. There are also two hooks on the side for hanging hand tools.

Price: $72.99 with free shipping

Buy the Best Choice Products Potting Bench here.


  • Clean and minimal design
  • Very inexpensive
  • Easy to assemble


  • Unfinished wood needs varnish for weatherproofing
  • Not very much storage included
  • Not as durable as more expensive potting benches

Find more Best Choice Products Potting Bench information and reviews here.

4. GSC Potting Bench with Shelves

This potting bench from Gardener’s Supply Company is the most deluxe model on this list. This potting bench was designed by gardeners, for gardeners, to make sure that you have everything you need within arms reach while working in your yard or garden. It is constructed of Western Red Cedar, a strong and hard wood that is naturally weather resistant. The assembly hardware is plated steel and the hooks are all powder coated, forged steel to prevent rust. This potting bench features an extra strong bottom shelf that can hold up to 150 lbs, two smaller top shelves, and a work station that slides open to reveal a built-in soil reservoir.

Price: $479.00

Buy the GSC Potting Bench with Shelves here.


  • Cedar construction for strength and weather resistance
  • Extra strong and durable
  • Built in soil reservoir
  • Lots of built in storage


  • Very expensive
  • Requires assembly
  • Large size may not fit in all spaces

Find more GSC Potting Bench with Shelves information and reviews here.

5. Poly-Tex Galvanized Potting Bench

If your tastes are more minimalist, or you simply do not have a lot of space for a potting bench, then this galvanized bench from Poly-Tex is the perfect choice. This simple potting bench features a work top and one top shelf, with no fuss and no unnecessary parts to take up your time while assembling or space in your yard. This potting bench is weather resistant, easy to assemble, easy to clean and very inexpensive.

Price: $86.00

Buy the Poly-Tex Galvanized Potting Bench here.


  • Minimalist design
  • Easy to clean
  • Weather proof
  • Inexpensive


  • No storage
  • Top shelf has sharp edges
  • Some receivers had missing parts

Find more Poly-Tex Galvanized Potting Bench information and reviews here.

6. Cypress Wood Lotus Potting Bench with Metal Top

If you are looking for a simple, durable and weather proof potting bench, here is the perfect choice for you. This potting bench has a very simple design with a large work top and shelf underneath, as well as a medium sized drawer for storing odds and ends. This bench is made of naturally weatherproof Cypress wood, and has an easy to clean metal desk top. Best of all, it is still one of the most inexpensive potting benches on this list!

Price: $87.99 with free shipping

Buy the Cypress Wood Lotus Potting Bench with Metal Top here.


  • Inexpensive
  • Naturally weatherproof Cypress wood construction
  • Metal work top is easy to clean
  • Simple design for easy assembly


  • Not a lot of storage
  • No top shelf
  • Cypress wood is not as strong as cedar

Find more Cypress Wood Lotus Potting Bench with Metal Top information and reviews here.

7. Oversized Coral Coast Willow Creek Metal Potting Bench

This extra large metal potting bench is a no-fuss solution for gardeners who have modern tastes and prefer a more clean look. This potting bench is completely functional with a work top, soil reservoir, hooks for hand tools, and large bottom shelf. The difference is that it is made of strong and weatherproof steel, and looks more like a piece of modern outdoor furniture than a traditional country-style wooden potting bench. The potting bench and its elegant vine detailing are made of wrought iron for maximum strength and durability. It is also powered coated with a black finish so you never have to worry about rust.

Price: $173.96 with free shipping

Buy the Oversized Coral Coast Willow Creek Metal Potting Bench here.


  • Made of strong wrought steel
  • Modern design
  • Rust proof
  • Includes soil reservoir


  • Relatively expensive
  • Very large in size
  • Requires assembly

Find more Oversized Coral Coast Willow Creek Metal Potting Bench information and reviews here.

8. Evergreen Big Red Wagon Potting Table

Here is a truly unique potting bench that anyone with eclectic style will love. This potting bench is designed to look like a “Big Red Wagon” reminiscent of the Radio Flyer wagon you probably had as a child. In addition to the roomy work space, you have a smaller shelf underneath as well to hold odds and ends. This potting bench has a straightforward and minimal design, and would work great in a small space. It comes mostly assembled, with just light assembly required.

Price: $249.95 with free shipping

Buy the Evergreen Big Red Wagon Potting Table here.


  • Very stylish and unique
  • Works in a small space
  • Not much assembly required


  • Relatively expensive
  • More decorative than functional
  • Work top is not very easy to clean

Find more Evergreen Big Red Wagon Potting Table information and reviews here.

9. Kids VegTrug Potting Bench

Gardening is a great activity for kids of all ages. They get to spend time outside, get dirty, and learn about the natural world in the process. This kid sized potting bench from VegTrug is perfect for getting your kids or grandkids outside in the garden alongside you. They can store their very own tools, pots, and materials for planting, as well as have a space to work on. This work bench is made of sustainable, plantation grown fir with a non toxic stain, plastic feet, and fabric liner in the soil storage compartment.

Price: $154.99 with free shipping

Buy the Kids VegTrug Potting Bench here.


  • Perfect size for small gardeners
  • Made of sustainable wood with non toxic stain
  • Includes soil reservoir and storage shelf


  • Relatively expensive
  • Requires assembly
  • Not many reviews

Find more Kids VegTrug Potting Bench information and reviews here.

10. Merry Garden Potting Bench with Recessed Storage

Finally, here is a garden bench that has all of the features that experienced gardeners need, while still having a clean design and affordable price tag. The Merry Garden potting bench has spacious upper and lower tiers for storage, and a removable table top that gives you access to a recessed storage compartment that can be used for storing your custom potting soil mix. This potting bench has a lovely, minimal design that will fit in with any outdoor decor. It is made of kiln dried solid Fir wood and is ready for whatever stain or paint you prefer.

Price: $120.99 with free shipping

Buy the Merry Garden Potting Bench with Recessed Storage here.


  • Spacious upper and lower tiers for storage
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Modern design fits with any decor


  • Needs stain or varnish for weatherproofing
  • Requires assembly
  • Fir is not as strong as Cedar wood

Find more Merry Garden Potting Bench with Recessed Storage information and reviews here.

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