5 Best Walk Behind Leaf Blowers: Compare, Buy & Save (2018)

walk behind leaf blower

Fall is upon us, which means lots and lots of leaves! If you have a large yard or commercial property with a lot of trees, the job of cleaning up fallen leaves may seem daunting. It could take hours to clean up a large yard with a rake, or even with a backpack style leaf blower.

Walk behind leaf blowers save your back by not requiring you to carry any heavy equipment. Simply push the machine along on its wheels and you can blow away a ton of leaves in a short period of time. In this article I will go over the top options for 2018, including residential, commercial, and even chipper/vacuum/blower combination models.

What Are The Best Walk Behind Leaf Blowers Available in 2018?

southland walk behind leaf blower Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 163 CC Engine
  • 150 MPH and 1200 CFM
  • Not very expensive
Price: $281.27 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
troy bilt walk behind leaf blower Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 208 CC engine
  • 1000 CFM air volume and 150 MPH speed
  • Relatively inexpensive
Price: $527.60 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
merry mac walk behind leaf blower Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 305 CC engine
  • 200 MPH blowing speed
  • Commercial grade
Price: $1,099.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
patriot products leaf blower vacuum chipper Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 5.5 HP Honda engine
  • Blower, chipper and vacuum
  • Wide 24 inch swath
Price: $1,349.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
merry mac walk behind leaf blower Amazon Customer Reviews
  • 250 CC engine
  • 185 MPH and 1850 CFM air volume
  • Pneumatic wheels and swivel front wheel
Price: $949.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Southland SWB163150E Leaf Blower with 163cc, 6.5 foot-pound, OHV Engine

    • 150 MPH air blowing speed
    • 1200 CFM air volume
    • 163-CC engine
    • Less expensive than more powerful blowers
    • 15 degree adjustable chute
    • 2 year limited residential warranty
    • Not as powerful as other walk behind blowers
    • Not suitable for commercil use, and commercial use is not backed by warranty
    • Not self propelled

    This walk behind leaf blower from Southland is perfect for home use. While it is not too expensive, it still has a powerful 163-CC engine capable of blowing at 150 MPH. It is easy to start with a manual recoil easy start fuel delivery system.

    The air volume totals 1200 CFM, which gives you up to four times more blowing power than backpack-style blowers. The steel fan on this blower is well balanced to minimize vibration, and the tapered crankshaft and fan housing are super durable. The chute can be adjusted up to 15 degrees as well, for more directed blowing.

  2. 2. Troy-Bilt TB672 208cc Jet Sweep Wheeled Leaf Blower

    • 208-CC engine is powerful enough for large yards
    • 1000 CFM air volume
    • 150 MPH air speed
    • Less expensive than more powerful models
    • Semi pneumatic wheels for easy handling
    • 2 year limited warranty
    • Not as powerful as more expensive blowers
    • Relatively large for storage
    • Not self propelled

    This walk behind leaf blower from Troy-Bilt is a high end residential model, with a 208-CC engine that does all of the hard work for you. This engine gives you 150 MPH air speeds out of the 90 degree front discharge chute. This model has 1000 CFM airflow. The handle has a comfortable rubberized grip and large 12″ rear wheels for comfortable handling.

  3. 3. Merry Mac LB1350ICEZM 305 CC, 200 MPH Walk-Behind Leaf & Debris Blower

    • 305 CC Briggs & Stratton engine
    • Blows air at 200 MPH
    • Commercial grade machine
    • You can choose front or side discharge and low or high speeds
    • Expensive
    • Not many reviews online
    • Not self propelled

    If you have a large property to maintain, you need a powerful blower to take care of all those leaves. This commercial grade walk behind blower from Merry Mac has a 305 CC Briggs & Stratton engine and blows at 200 MPH. The sleeve is made of cast iron for maximum durablity and it comes with a deflector for high or low airflow. You can also select between front and side discharge.

  4. 4. Patriot Products CBV-2455H 24-Inch Honda Gas Powered Walk Behind 3-In-1 Leaf Vacuum/Chipper/Blower

    • 5.5 HP Honda engine
    • Easy to switch between blower and chipper/vacuum modes
    • Wide 24 inch swath
    • No warranty
    • Expensive
    • Can be difficult to start

    If you have a large yard or commercial property that has a lot of trees on it, you need a yard tool that handles more than just leaves. Trees can drop small twigs and branches that are to heavy for normal leaf blowers to handle. This walk behind blower from Patriot Products is also a chipper and vaccum, so it makes quick work of cleaning up a large yard full of leaves and sticks.

    This machine can switch back and forth between a blower and a vacuum with the flip of a switch. As a vacuum it clears a 24 inch wide swatch in a single pass. As a blower it offers a powerful blast of air to clean up fallen leaves. The Honda engine is both powerful and quiet, and it is fuel efficient as well. It is CARB compliant.

  5. 5. Merry Mac LB1100EZM 250 CC, 1850 CFM Walk-Behind Leaf Blower

    • 250 CC Briggs & Stratton engine
    • 185 MPH air speed and 1850 CF air volume
    • Swivel front pneumatic wheel and pneumatic rear wheels
    • No warranty
    • Relatively expensive
    • Not as powerful as some other models

    Here is another option from Merry Mac for easy lawn cleanup. This blower has a slightly smaller engine at 250 CC. It blows at 185 MPH and has an air volume of 1850 CFM.

    The poly imeller is 15 inches and the front wheel is a 9 inch pneumatic swinging wheel with 2 height adjustments. The rear wheels are 12 inch pneumatic wheels. This makes for very easy handling on any kind of terrain. The handle is also adjustable for comfort and maneuverability.

    This is the perfect mid grade lawn blower for anyone who needs a powerful tool but does not want to spend a fortune.

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