15 Best Garden Carts to Save Your Back

Garden carts are a terrific way to transform many of those heavy lifting duties in the garden and save your back some strain in the process. Most combine the one-handed ease of a wagon with the ability to dump even big loads more simply than a wheelbarrow. Whether you’re prepping and planting starts, cleaning up fall leaves, or placing heavy pavers and landscape stones, a garden cart takes a lot of the work out of moving your mess.

For those winter months when you’re stuck indoors, a hydroponic garden is a great solution for fresh herbs and veggies.

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Wondering if a garden cart is right for you? If you have large or heavy objects to move around, they are a great tool to have. Even if you have a small yard, a garden cart can save a lot of strain on your back.

From hauling bags of soil to moving potted plants into place, one of these carts can save both time and energy, allowing you to accomplish more in a day. 

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