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15 Best Garden Carts to Save Your Back

Garden carts are a terrific way to transform many of those heavy lifting duties in the garden and save your back some strain in the process. Most combine the one-handed ease of a wagon with the ability to dump even big loads more simply than a wheelbarrow. Whether you’re prepping and planting starts, cleaning up fall leaves, or placing heavy pavers and landscape stones, a garden cart takes a lot of the work out of moving your mess to another location. Below are the absolute best garden carts to save your back and keep you in the sunshine longer.

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Why Should You Get a Garden Cart?

Wondering if a garden cart is right for you? If you have large or heavy objects to move around, they are a great tool to have. Even if you have a small yard, a garden cart can save a lot of strain on your back.

From hauling bags of soil to moving potted plants into place, one of these carts can save both time and energy, allowing you to accomplish more in a day. 

Is a Powered Garden Cart Worth the Investment?

For people who love to spend time in the garden, getting a powered garden cart might seem a little like a luxury. It wasn't long ago that I might have felt that way too. But as the years advance, my yard and garden projects become more complex, and these battery-operated tools make more sense all the time.

Several brands make powered garden carts, and while some are gas-driven, others opt for lithium-ion battery-operated motors. We like these both for the quiet operation and a greener footprint overall.

Do I Need More Than One Kind of Yard Cart?

Honestly, you might. There are so many diverse uses for these tools, it's worth it to invest in a couple of different options if you have the available storage space. We're huge fans of the EJWOX Garden Pot Mover because it allows you to relocate taller potted plants without straining your back or risking plan breakage by laying them in a traditional cart, but it can't handle the other robust duties of moving leaf piles or huge bags of soil.

When Should I Consider a Dump Cart?

When you're planning on any major project that you'll do on a regular basis - as in moving fall leaves, hauling compost to the garden, or arranging landscape rock, a dump cart will save the day. The best of them offer a simple dump function controlled by a foot pedal.

Just because they have the dump function doesn't mean that they're going to cost a pretty penny. In fact, you can get a Gorilla Carts dump cart that can hold up to 1,500 pounds for under 300 bucks. 

No matter your plans, whether simple or complex, garden carts make every yard and garden chore more doable with less pain and muscle strain, so snag one right now because with Spring right around the corner, they'll sell out fast!