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35 Garden Essentials You Can’t Do Without in 2022

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or if gardening is your passion – having the right tool for every task can be a game-changer when it comes to saving time (and your back, hands, and feet.) Since You’re probably spending more time in your yard these days, we’re here to help with recommendations for the best garden essentials to tackle jobs large and small and make your outdoor spaces the envy of the neighborhood.

If you’re looking for some cool gifts for gardeners in your life, any one of these gidt ideas would be a welcome addition to their collection.

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What Are the Best Tools for Gardeners Who Have Everything?

Even if you're shopping for someone who seems to have a shed or shop full of every tool imaginable, you can always think outside the box. Gardeners love to keep tabs on the weather, so you could consider something old school like a beautiful weathervane

Garden amenities are another idea, and although they're not tools, small water features or garden sculptures can add to the ambiance from a sound and visual perspective. 

What Are the Most Essential Garden Hand Tools?

If you're a new homeowner or just planning out your first garden, you'll want to buy a high-quality set of small hand tools that includes a couple of different sizes of garden trowels, along with a small fork, rake, and weed puller. These are the kinds of garden essentials you'll never outgrow.

The question is, what should they be made of? Martha Stewart recommends stainless steel for strength and rust resistance, but it is a more expensive material. We've found that there are many aluminum sets that are far more affordable, and as you get more into gardening, you'll likely want to upgrade your most used tools one by one for the best hand fit, and function. 

What Are Some Large Garden Essentials?

We think about those chores that take the most time when done by hand. That's when you'll want to consider something that saves time and yet is workable (read not too scary or dangerous) for you.

Instead of working on your hands and knees, consider a stand-up weed puller. If you have large trees, you'll want a pole saw. Of course, you're always going to need and want an efficient lawn mower, whether it's riding for a large yard or a small electric mower for a sized-down city yard.

Shovels come in many sizes and shapes, and each is more efficient for certain chores. Before buying, look at tasks at hand as well as what you envision in the future before making your decision.

Rakes of many kinds are also garden essentials. Large lawn and leaf rakes are great for their intended purpose, but if you want to smooth out and clean up uneven beds, bevel dirt, or arrange landscape materials like small river rocks, mulch, or bark, you're also going to need a metal garden rake. We love this rake from True Temper. 

What Are the Best Cordless Yard Tools for 2021?

We admit it. We're in love with cordless yard tools. They make your yard and garden work so simple, plus they save time and your back. Cordless string trimmers would be tops on our list, followed by cordless leaf blowers, and hedge trimmers.

If you've got a large yard with lots of large trees, a cordless chainsaw can do double duty because you can use it to prune large branches, and you can always take it camping to cut pieces of firewood. Besides being functional, cordless chainsaws are a blast to operate, and especially empowering if you're a woman who loves to take on big jobs that are generally considered "man's work."

If you're going to invest in cordless tools, consider the fact that there are quite a few companies that have suites of yard and power tools that shame the same rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

If you're considering buying several cordless yard tools this year, look at companies like GreenWorks, EGO Power, WORX, and BLACK+DECKER. You can often save money by buying one tool with the batteries and charger and then choosing a second item that's listed as "tool only." Not only is it financially smart, you'll also save space in your garage or shop and that's genius.

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