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52 Best 2 Year Anniversary Gifts

When you are two years into a loving marriage, you may only just be realizing how hard this anniversary celebration thing is. Well, there is nothing wrong with asking for a little help with finding your partner a gift for your 2 year anniversary. After all, it’s possible you used all of your best gift ideas on separate occasions like birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas. Check out our top picks.

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What Is the Traditional Gift for 2 Year Anniversaries?

So you and your partner have made it through the first year of marriage. That's fantastic. But wait, you're expected to deliver a thoughtful anniversary gift every year? Thank goodness there are traditional gift options for each specific anniversary.

Traditional anniversary gifts don't just exist to create symbolism. They also provide inspiration for the married couple to have fresh gift ideas each year. This might seem silly at first but it would certainly make sense after 50 years together!

According to this article from MarthaStewart.com, the traditional 2 year anniversary gift is cotton or linen. This means you can get away with relatively inexpensive but meaningful gifts like a set of monogrammed towels or a matching waffle robe set.

​What Is the Modern Gift for 2 Year Anniversaries?​

Don't worry if the traditional 2-year gift options don't jive with your personal sensibilities. After all, traditions, like rules, can always be ignored. Plus there is an entirely different rule set for modern anniversary gifts that you can stick to instead! 

According to this blog from Borsheims, the modern second-year anniversary gift is china. The strong yet delicate nature of porcelain offers a symbolic tie to many young relationships.

Some of our favorite porcelain gifts are this enamel-coated Le Creuset tea pot, the Vitruvi Stone Diffuser, and this stone-lain fine China set. But there are many more fine options to be considered.

What Is the Gemstone for a 2 Year Anniversary?

Yes, every anniversary also has a gemstone. If you plan on gifting your partner some jewelry, consider selecting some with a garnet, as according to the Gemological Institute of America, this is the traditional gemstone for your second anniversary.

That said, these traditions are merely suggestions to follow and can always be ignored.​ If your partner prefers a different gemstone or just wants something practical, then you should roll with it. It will sure make things easier when you get to the golden anniversary.